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Discover how to pause Elden Ring from the game menus | Digital Trends Spanish

Elden Ring it became a real bestseller and one of the most popular games of the moment. However, a few days after it was released, several users encountered a series of problems when starting a game.

One of these issues was related to pause mode, as many players reported that when they opened the map or inventory, the game would still be active, which can cause an issue in the Midlands.

Due to this problem, many users looked for alternatives through mods, which is not enough either, since it is an option available only on PC. This not only excludes consoles, but also poses a risk of banning or other punishment.

guess what, Elden Ring DOES have a pause button

just open “Menu Explanation” while on the inventory screen

this isn’t a meme, it actually works lmao

— Iron Pineapple (@IronPineapple_) March 8, 2022

Fortunately, for those who play Elden Ring There is a way to pause the game. The solution was discovered by a youtuber, who shared it via Twitter. In the publication, Iron Pineapple explained that the alternative he found is to open the start menu, access the equipment and press “Help” using the central touch button of the DualShock (PlayStation).

In this menu that is displayed, you must select “Explain menus”. There, the player will notice that the background music remains, but the world effects are no longer as visible. This can even be tested during combat.

Although it is a quite useful option, it is still far from being the most practical, since it requires several clicks to make it work, which is always uncomfortable in the middle of a game, especially if we are in combat.

Either way, it’s worth a try, or at least watch the video YouTuber Iron Pineapple posted on his Twitter.

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