Wednesday, May 25

Dismantled a sect in which alleged sexual abuse was committed in a farmhouse in Vistabella (Castellón)

The National Police has arrested several people for their alleged relationship with a sect installed in a farmhouse in the Castellón town of Vistabella del Maestrat in which sexual abuse was allegedly committed.

Knowledgeable sources have confirmed to Europa Press the existence of the investigation, which has been carried out this Thursday by Raise-EMV. According to the sources cited by this newspaper, the sect would have been subjecting its followers to sexual aberrations, committed both on adults and on minors, and would have acquired assets that researchers are still quantifying.

At the moment, there are nine detainees, four men and five women, including the alleged leader of the plot, a 64-year-old man. The investigation began more than a year ago and the arrests were carried out last Tuesday.

Knowledgeable sources have specified that the farmhouse is located about five or six kilometers from Vistabella and that it is isolated.

Likewise, they have pointed out to Europa Press that, although there was evidence of the presence of the people now detained in the town — since they were seen on some occasions in the shops of the municipality —, they had practically no relationship with the neighbors, among which it was commented that a “kind of commune” had been installed in said farmhouse.

The mayor of Vistabella: “We are in shock”

The mayor of Vistabella del Maestrat, Jordi Alcon, has assured that in the town of Castellón they are “shocked” by the dismantling of the sect.

“We are in shock, since we never imagined this situation”, highlighted the mayor, who told Europa Press that there was no circumstance in said farmhouse that made them suspect that a crime was being committed there.

Alcon has indicated that he has recently learned of the arrests, although he did observe an important police deployment last Tuesday in the farmhouse, which is located a few kilometers away from the town.

As he explained, “the people who lived there were part of a community and they were alternative, but they have never caused any problem and there were no large movements of cars or any situation that made one suspect.”

The mayor has confirmed that the people who lived in the farmhouse worked in Vistabella and in other towns, but did not have much relationship with the local residents.