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Disney and Star Wars: Are the New Movies Really That Bad? | Digital Trends Spanish

Many have asked it more than once, and there are not a few who affirm it without much questioning: the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney has been a setback for “The Force”. Really? And because? Perhaps, on this important day, it is good to look at things with perspective or, at least, with a little more justice.

Towards the end of October 2012, and after a long negotiation, The Walt Disney Company confirmed the acquisition of Lucasfilm, the company founded by George Lucas in the seventies. Beyond the impact of this purchase, what was relevant to the public was the fact that Disney now owned the saga of StarWars.

During that time, starwars as a brand it was not at its most productive, since the last official tape had been Revenge of the Sith, in 2005; Lucasfilm had dedicated itself to managing the franchise and creating very good quality but secondary products, such as Clone Wars.

The acquisition by Disney raised expectations; if such a large company bought starwars for so much money, they were not going to let her sleep. It was clear that there would be more productions and so it was: since 2015, Disney has produced five films of starwars separated into a trilogyThe Force Awakens, The Last Jedi Y The Rise of Skywalker) and two spin-off movies (rogue one Y Only).

The best movies on Disney Plus – Mark Hamill on "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi" (2017)

However, many were not satisfied with what was seen in the cinema, although it also happens that many times it is time that is responsible for giving the correct perspective for certain works, and an example of this is the trilogy from the beginning of the century , which raised its bonds after The Rise of Skywalker, but that the critics of the time did not treat as well as it seems.

Although the idea that the most recent trilogy has many flaws or errors that some of the fans do not forgive is accepted, it is not bad to review what exactly happened with the prequel trilogy, which began in 1999 with The Phantom Menace.

This film is marked by the novelty of computer graphics, which gave rise to the existence of the infamous Jar Jar Binks. Therefore, it is not surprising that its rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site is not so high: approved by only 52 percent of critics and 52 percent of the audience.

Star Wars Episode IV, one of the best space movies

The second part of the trilogy, Attack of the Clones, it was released in 2002 and the rating was a little better. The approval of critics reaches 65 percent, while that of the audience reached 56 percent.

And the closure of the sequels, which came in 2005 with Revenge of the Sith, It is the highest rated of the three. Eighty percent of the critics gave it their approval and 66 percent of the audience did the same.

If these numbers are taken into account, the comparison with the Disney trilogy, which in general has a higher rating than the films of the beginning of the century, is somewhat curious. The Force Awakens was approved by 93 percent of critics, while The Last Jedi Y The Rise of Skywalker by 91 and 51 percent, respectively.

As for the audience, the approval percentages are at 85, 42 and 86 percent for each of the three tapes, which indicates that the new triad has a better acceptance (with certain exceptions) than the prequels.

So, it is worth wondering if what Disney has done with starwars in the cinema it is really as poor as the impression that there is in the environment. Because in addition to the three tapes there are also rogue one Y Only, and especially the first film is highly valued by the public.

It is easy to find articles that destroy everything new that Disney has done, listing the many mistakes made in terms of script, use of the universe or even coherence of it. But in the same way, it cannot be denied that the three main films of the recent productions of starwars They have not been classified as a failure either by critics or by the mass audience.

It is very possible that the passage of time will give these productions their true place in the universe of StarWars. It is clear that the original films will never be surpassed, because the first impression is unique and the impact factor is simply impossible to repeat.

Perhaps that same factor is what motivated so many people to give the thumbs up to starwars from Disney when they first came out. Perhaps a few critics have changed their minds or have just “bashed” the newest just to go with the flow. But the truth is that, at least from the numbers and the criticism, the assessment of what Disney has done with starwars it’s not as bad as it seems.

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