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Disney anticipates Christmas with the animated short The Stepdad | Digital Trends Spanish

The celebration of Halloween is behind us and now everyone is preparing to receive Christmas.

It is true, there is still more than a month until the Christmas holidays, but each year this celebration is prepared more in advance, so it should not surprise us to see allusive decorations everywhere.

Disney has also wanted to join this trend with The Stepdad, a three-minute animated short about the magic of reading for a young family.

The Stepdad. Disney

The announcement can be considered a continuation of the one presented last year under the title of Lola. In fact, it stars Nicole, the granddaughter from the last ad.

She is older, as well as being Max and Ella’s mother, while Mike is her partner and stepfather to her two children. The story shows when he moves into the family home and begins to bond with both children.

The animation is about a storybook that Max received as a gift from his biological father and how reading this text brings everyone involved together.

Disney launched the animated short on its social networks on Wednesday, November 3. The premiere is part of a Christmas campaign in 45 countries that will once again support the Make A Wish foundation worldwide.

The animation was developed by Disney’s creative team in collaboration with New Zealand studio Flux Animation Studios. The work also featured the collaboration of Dylan, a 13-year-old boy who was able to fulfill his dreams of helping with the animation studio.

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