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Disney joins the MOBA fever with Melee Mania | Digital Trends Spanish

Disney joins the rage for MOBA video games, the genre it has in League of Legends to its maximum exponent, and that is that next December it will be released at Apple Arcade Disney Melee Mania.

The video game will be an online multiplayer that will face two teams of three players each in arenas inspired by the Disney and Pixar films. There will be 12 characters to choose from, including Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Frozono, Wreck-It Ralph and Mulán, among others.

True to the style of MOBA games, each character will have a specific role that will be crucial for one or the other team to achieve victory. Nevertheless, Disney Melee Mania deviates a bit from the formula by setting up 3v games. 3, when the standard of games like Pokémon Unite o League of Legends: Wild Rift are 5 vs. 5.

Also, since Disney Melee Mania It will be an Apple Arcade video game, there will be no space for in-app purchases, so, in theory, all content – such as outfits or skins for the characters – will be unlockable as the game progresses.

It was not specified if Disney Melee Mania will be just a temporary Apple Arcade exclusive or if the game will have a later release on other platforms, such as Google’s Play Store for Android phones.

Disney Melee Mania is developed by Mighty Bear Games, a Singaporean studio with exclusive games for Apple Arcade. His most recent video game is Butter Royale, a comic-style fighting game exclusive to Apple Arcade.

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