Saturday, September 30

Disney Prime: another membership concept on the way? | Digital Trends Spanish

the empire of Disney wants to expand its tentacles a little bit beyond streaming and theme parks, because associated with those experiences, The Wall Street Journal states that the company would bring out an Amazon-style membership system, called Disney Prime.

What is Disney Prime about?

The program could offer various exclusive benefits, discounts and other incentives for subscribers to spend more money on Disney products and services. A secondary benefit would be allowing the company to collect more information about customers’ tastes and habits, improving its ability to cross-sell across its various businesses, from streaming services to theme parks to merchandise.

Disney communications director Kristina Schake confirmed that the company is looking into a membership program in a statement to WSJ. “Technology is giving us new ways to personalize and personalize the consumer experience so we can deliver entertainment, experiences and products that are more relevant to each of our guests,” said Schake. “A membership program is just one of the exciting ideas being explored.”

A primary benefit of a “Disney Prime” membership program would be to allow the company to target customers with more of its products, especially considering its franchises. Marvel, pixar Y starwars.

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