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Disney removes Rogue Squadron from Star Wars from its calendar | Digital Trends Spanish

Disney decided the calendar dates for its next movie releases, with a great ratification, it left out the tape of Star Wars, Rogue Squadron, from director Patty Jenkins.

The news is not surprising, since at the end of 2021, the company decided to delay the filming of the film that would be the first film in the saga to be shown in theaters since “The Rise of Skywalker” in 2019.

However, Disney made official dates for other films:

His remake of “Snow White”, starring Rachel Zegler (March 22, 2024); “Inside Out 2,” a sequel to the emotional Pixar film (June 14, 2024); and “The Lion King” sequel “Mufasa,” from director Barry Jenkins (July 5, 2024).

The studio also planted flags for Searchlight’s “Next Goal Wins,” an inspirational sports comedy from Taika Waititi (April 21, 2023); Disney Animation’s “Wish,” a film inspired by the concept of wishing on a star, (November 22, 2023); and Pixar’s “Elio,” a sci-fi story about an 11-year-old outsider who becomes Earth’s galactic ambassador (March 1, 2024).

Meanwhile, the “Haunted Mansion” theme park adaptation will open on August 11, 2023, instead of its previous March 10, 2023 date, and an untitled Marvel movie has been moved from February 16, 2024. to his new home on September 6, 2024.

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