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Disney’s retractable lightsaber will not be for sale | Digital Trends Spanish

Many Star Wars fans were excited after Disney showcased the trailer for the retractable lightsaber it has been developing this past year.

Some even imagined the possibility of acquiring it and having it in their hands, just as a true Jedi would have done in the films of the franchise.

However, the company has confirmed bad news for them: fans will not be able to buy the saber; in fact, they won’t even be able to taste or touch it.

The accessory will be part of the new Walt Disney World’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience.

Although, at one time it was thought that guests could acquire it, this was ruled out by Disney sources who confirmed to IGN that the new sabers can only be used by the actors hired by the company to animate the different attractions of the hotel.

“Unfortunately, that lightsaber is not for guests to use or purchase. It is strictly for the use of artists, ”notes the IGN post.

As a consolation, the company will allow visitors to use another kind of saber for training at the hotel.

Instead, you will be given what appears to be a high-end replica lightsaber, albeit scaled down, with a fixed blade. You turn it on and all the sounds and vibrations you expect are there, but if you go in expecting to be able to play with the new saber that Disney has developed, let this serve as a warning, “he explains. GameSpot.

This would be the same fixed blade saber that you can find in some stores.

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