Thursday, October 28

Divorces and separations fell 16% in 2020, especially in the months of confinement

The cases of divorce, separation and annulment decreased in 2020 by 16.1% compared to the previous year: they were 80,015 compared to 95,320 in 2019; a decrease that was greater during the months in which mobility was restricted by the pandemic. This is reflected in the “Statistics of Nullities, Separations and Divorces. Year 2020” of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) published this Monday, which records an increase in joint custody, granted in 41.4% of cases, compared to 37 , 5% from 2019.

By type of process, 77,200 were divorces (96.5% of the total), 15.8% less than in 2019; 2,775, separations, which decreased 22.7%; and 40 nullities, which fell 46.7%.

The greatest decreases were recorded in the quarters in which lockdowns totally or partially restricted mobility, especially between April and June: in that quarter, breaks fell by 63.5%, and from January to March by 17.4%. The third quarter fell by 21.6% compared to the same period of the previous year, and in the fourth quarter, by 11.3%.

How long does a marriage last

The average duration of marriages up to the date of the resolution was 16.6 years, slightly lower than in 2019. 32.8% of divorces occurred after 20 years of marriage or more, and 19% , between five and nine years. In the case of separations, 50.6% of the marriages lasted 20 or more years, and 14.9% between 15 and 19 years.

The mean duration of the procedures was 5.4 months, somewhat higher than in 2019. In separations the mean duration (4.2 months) was shorter than in divorces (5.5 months).

The highest number of divorces and separations between spouses of different sex took place in the age group between 40 and 49 years; 42% of the couples did not have children, 46% had minor children, 5.4% were economically dependent older children, and 6.7% minor and older children at home.

Custody was granted in 54.5% to the mother (58% in 2019), 3.9% to the father (4.1% the previous year); in 41.4% it was shared and in 0.3% it was granted to other institutions or family members. In the divorces and separations of spouses of the same sex, in 45.5% the custody was obtained by one of the two spouses and in 53.4% ​​it was shared.