Monday, August 8

DNI account: in November discounts of up to 40% continue in supermarkets and neighborhood shops

In October alone, more than 500 thousand people accessed discounts financed by the Buenos Aires government. This implies that 8 out of 10 people who used the wallet as a means of payment were reached by the benefits.

In this way, until the 30th of next month, more than 3.7 million users will be able to buy in neighborhood shops of the food sector with a 40% discount every day, with a reimbursement limit of 1,200 pesos per week and person. What’s more, On Tuesdays and Wednesdays from November 9 there will be a 35% savings in 12 supermarket chains, with a return limit of 1,000 pesos per person and week.

New benefits are also added in November: there will be 30% off, with a ceiling of 800 pesos per month per person for those who make at least 3 payments of taxes and / or services. In addition, users will have on Mondays a 25% discount on cell phone recharges and transport cards, with a limit of 100 pesos per person per day. That is, if you use both you can save 200 pesos to update the balance in transport and in your telephone company. Since November has five Mondays, savings can reach 1,000 pesos per month.

“In line with what the governor told us Axel Kicillof, we are going to promote even more in the coming months this accompaniment action to Buenos Aires families so that they can take care of their pockets and expand their purchasing power in what is most needed, which are food and basic necessities ”, he assured Juan Cuattromo, president of Banco Provincia.

He also stated that “for the first time thousands of local businesses in every corner of this province, where promotions never arrived, can now offer a discount that increases their sales and helps them recover in the post-pandemic.”

For his part, the Minister of Finance and Finance of Buenos Aires, Pablo LopezHe indicated: β€œIn this new stage of reconstruction, we have to continue promoting exit measures from the pandemic that include each and every person from Buenos Aires. Promoting consumption is an essential part of an economic reactivation that manages to maintain growth and put the Province back on track ”.

And he added: “from the Ministry of Finance and Finance, in coordination with a public bank at the service of the real needs of the inhabitants of the Province, such as Banco Provincia, we are directing efforts to strengthen purchasing capacity and to stimulate the recovery through the continuation and extensions of the promotions with the DNI Account application ”.

According to this discount scheme, a family made up of two adult users of the application can obtain savings of up to 21,200 pesos in November if they use each of the benefits announced by Banco Provincia.

The food benefits financed by the Buenos Aires government started in July. From that action, between June and October, the DNI Account doubled the number of purchases in stores, which went from 1 to 2.3 million; while the volume traded increased 128%, from 2,029 million pesos that were registered in June before the promotion, to the 4,635 million that were generated during this month.

Banco Provincia’s digital wallet registered in October almost 10 million total transactions for more than 35 billion pesos, between purchases, transfers, recharges, payment of services and withdrawal orders. It has 3.7 million users: half started operating with the Bank through the application and 56% are between 18 and 35 years old.

DNI account is one of the most downloaded wallets on cell phones and leads the national valuation ranking. More than 28 thousand local businesses already operate with the app, which has become the most convenient when it comes to selling: businesses have immediate payment accreditation and commissions are between 0.6 and 0.8%, the lowest on the market.