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Through an official report, the Air Force and the United States government have stated that there are a large number of sightings of flying objects whose origin has not been possible to determine.

This has motivated the most enthusiastic about the UFO phenomenon to consider that the authorities have indirectly confirmed the presence of ships that come from beyond the borders of our planet.

For this reason, in the last year this issue has had a significant resurgence, a moment that becomes pertinent to learn about some of the most disturbing theories that exist about this phenomenon.


This is one of the most recent theories about aliens and has been proposed by Abraham Loeb and other astronomers at Harvard University.

According to their study, the huge object discovered in 2017 known as Oumuamua is not actually a fragment of a planet, but rather an ancient alien spacecraft.

“Oumuamua, as they called it, constitutes the first evidence of extraterrestrial life and technology, and the implications of this claim for humans are immeasurable,” says Loeb.

European Southern Obervatory / M. Kornmesser / Reuters.

Oumuamua, which means ‘first messenger from another world’ in Hawaiian, is thought to be a spacecraft that has not worked for a long time, has already completed its mission and continues to travel inertly through space.

For now, yes, more details of the object cannot be known since it is very far from ground-based telescopes.

The first to enter …

In 2020, theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin of the Russian National University of Electronic Technology (MIET) proposed a troubling theory that he called “first in, last out.”

According to the scientist:

“The only variable that we can objectively measure is the probability that life can be detectable from outer space within a certain distance from Earth.”

For the Berezin, this probability is called Parameter A. Thus, if an alien civilization fails to reach Parameter A, it can never be detected.

However, solving this problem proposes a much bleaker scenario, at least for us.

“What if it turned out that the first life form to reach interstellar travel capacity was necessarily dedicated to eradicating all its competition to fuel its own expansion?” Asks the scientist.

According to Berezin, a civilization could do this consciously or unconsciously, without even having knowledge about our existence. “In the same way that a construction team destroys an anthill to build a building,” writes the author.

Octopuses from space

Illustration. Getty Images

A few years ago, a group of researchers postulated a curious theory that life did not originate on Earth.

Thus, complete organisms, both plant and animal, arrive constantly on our planet (and have always done so) and that can originate new evolutionary lines.

These organisms, which would arrive in the Spaceships that we frequently observe would have the ability to adapt to Earth conditions and thrive in this environment, as is the case with octopuses; according to the researchers: “the closest thing to an extraterrestrial being on Earth.”

Animals in a zoo

In the 1950s, the Nobel Prize in physics Enrico Fermi reflected on how unique it was that, with millions of stars and galaxies, humans have not yet been able to make contact with alien civilizations.

It is known as the Fermi paradox, or theory of silence, which is summed up by the question: where is everyone?

Some years ago, a group of researchers pointed out that, indeed, there were other civilizations outside our planet, however, they did not want to communicate with us. For now.

They have worked around one of the most controversial ideas, known as the zoo hypothesis.

The image shows a representation of a flying saucer.

“Maybe the Aliens are monitoring humans on Earth, in the same way that we observe animals in the zoo. How to get the guardians of this galactic zoo to reveal themselves? ”Said astrobiologist Douglas Vakoch.

Perhaps a better question would be: why are beings from other places watching us? or what are your intentions?

Hawking’s warning

In an interview with National Geographic, physicist Stephen Hawking warned of the dangers of contacting extraterrestrial civilizations and stated that humans should desist from this attempt.

“I think it would be a disaster. The aliens would probably be way ahead of us. I think we should keep our heads down ”, he stated in 2004.

Harvard leads project seeking extraterrestrial space technology
Recreation. Getty Images.

Years later, the scientist deepened this idea, warning about the intentions of the visitors of the space to seize our resources.

“If aliens visit us, the result would be much more similar to when Columbus landed in America. Just by looking at ourselves we can see how intelligent life could turn out to be something we would not like to know about, “he added.

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