Thursday, August 5

Do it for Araceli

Do you remember Araceli? Not? She was the most famous woman in Spain, for a day or a week or as long as the fame in the news lasts now. She was famous before the Senegalese boys who were given the papers, before the kids locked up in a hotel in Mallorca.

Araceli Hidalgo placeholder image She was the first woman, at 97 years old, to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Spain.

Now yes, right? Well Araceli You’ve got a message: “I tell young people to respect the pandemic.” In the population between 12 and 29 years old, the incidence rate is above 1,400 infections; in the band from 30 to 39, it is at 658. Today we tell you that the explosion of cases begins to be noticed in hospitals, although the gravity and the proportion is less than in other waves. There are 1,550 more patients on the ward than seven days ago and the pressure on ICUs has gone from 6.6% to 9.18%.

  • In Madrid, after making the gesture of opening vaccination to many young age groups to correct the public perception that they were being left behind, the harsh reality arrives: have had to stop vaccinating with Pfizer for the first dose.
  • Poorer. The pandemic has increased poverty in Spain. The percentage of the population in a situation of “severe material deficiency” stands at 7% compared to 4.7% prepandemic. The number of people with difficulties making ends meet, assuming unforeseen expenses or going on vacation has increased.


Constitutional, but what is this

Reactions continue to the Constitutional Court ruling declaring the confinement of the first wave of the pandemic illegal. The Government is not cut off: first it was the new Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, who gave a speech to defend the importance of that confinement “to save 450,000 lives”; Now it is Margarita Robles, Minister of Defense and magistrate, who says that the Court does “Doctrinal musings”. That in your legal world must be a pretty ugly accusation.

  • And we have rebuilt the long path of contradictions within the Constitutional itself until we reached this controversial sentence. Read them to understand that not even the most important of the courts is free from the importance of chance and human miseries.


Do not pass

  • Embarrassment. What the Government of Spain did with the Couso case (especially with Aznar first, but also Zapatero and Rajoy later) was so shameful that even Justice has just sentenced the State to compensate his family with 182,290 euros for not deigning to try to investigate the circumstances of the murder in Iraq of the Spanish citizen and Telecinco camera.
  • Floods. You will have seen the images that come to us from Germany and Belgium, where floods caused by torrential rains have left dozens of deaths. The death toll is officially over 60 but will rise today.
  • You sing, child. There is still a boarding school in the Valley of the Fallen. We have spoken with those who lived there during the Franco regime, some singing children who did not have much idea where they were. A good report.
  • And other: the story of a Galician sailor that he was anchored in a Yemen port for ten months, in the middle of the war, because his ship was accused and convicted of illegal fishing.
  • Signed it. The pact for the coalition between PSOE and United We Can is like the Government’s Bible, sacred but open to conflicting interpretations. It will continue to be a source of tension in the remainder of the legislature and in Newtral They have made a tool to monitor compliance with the agreement.


Tertullian Trivial

Blue – In which Caribbean country have there been unprecedented protests and counter-demonstrations this week?

rose – In which television series where Ana Obregón acted did the phrase “I love that plans go well” became famous?

Yellow – In what year did the First World War start?

Brown – What is the name of the new government spokesperson?

Green – What insect is capable of synchronizing with other males of its species to intermittently glow in the dark?

Orange – What president of a Spanish soccer club has seen his reflections recorded in 2006 published this week?


Blue – Cuba

rose – Team A.

Yellow – 1914.

Brown – Isabel Rodríguez.

Green – The Firefly.

Orange – Florentino Pérez

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