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Do you like Elden Ring? Try Sable, an underrated game of 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

the launch of Elden Ring It has been marked by praise and congratulations from critics for some time. This thanks to the fact that it demonstrated how open worlds, which emphasize discovery and exploration, engage and immerse players much more than those where we must complete a list of missions and collectibles. However, Elden Ring It is not the only game that has an open world that allows the player freedom rarely seen, and among the underrated games of the past we find an interesting proposal.

Even though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be the simplest comparison with Elden Ring, there is an underrated indie game from 2021 that also features a similar vibe to the aforementioned video games. The best: it is more relaxing than Elden Ring because it does not contain even a hint of combat.

The title in question is Saber, by Shedworks and Raw Fury. Released for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in September 2021, it uses an open world with immense freedom to tell a coming-of-age story that is as long or as short as the player wants. Whether you’re a fan of Elden Ring looking for a similar production as someone who likes the freedom of the open world of the aforementioned title but can’t get over its quirks, Saber It should be the next video game you try.

under the mask

On Saber, our main character is a young woman from the Ibex tribe, who is on the gigantic desert planet of Midden, where we must undertake a journey through said place to collect masks. When Sable is ready, she can return to her village and choose a mask to determine what she will do for the rest of her life. After a somewhat tangled start, where the player learns to hover and creates a levitating bike called the Glider, the player heads out into the deserts of Midden to meet other characters, perform tasks for them, and solve puzzles while collecting skins and Learn about the history of the world.

The title of Shedworks and Raw Fury has elements that are even located above the beginnings of breath of the wild or the same Elden Ring, which can excite players to explore a huge world. Added to this is excellent sound design, which in turn completes a product that is a pleasure to look at and play.

While the player must head to a specific town after leaving Sable’s tribe, we can choose to head anywhere in the world from the start. The floating ability and the player’s stamina allow the character to climb anything they come across. Over time, players will discover the history of Sable’s world while learning about other cultures and the types of characters that populate the world, which will be appreciated by fans of the hands-off storytelling it features. Elden Ring.

No matter where players go, they can meet another wandering traveler or complete a puzzle platforming challenge to get a skin. Saber it’s an experience that’s all about that sense of adventure, so there’s no combat and no worry about adjusting or leveling up your character’s stats. While this minimalist approach may seem overly simple, it actually makes for a fantastic companion piece to Elden Ring.

Relaxing, not overwhelming

Saber It has many of the positive features of FromSoftware’s most recent title, but without the drawbacks and garbled details that turn some players off. Users will not have to worry about difficult obstacles that force them to explore and improve. On Saber users are allowed to go wherever they like and do whatever they like until at least three skins are collected.

That yes, the players can finish Saber in just a few hours, but the game has enough depth to support users for much longer with the number of quests to complete and the skins to collect. In addition, the title has a quest log, so beyond its minimalist aesthetic, you will never get disoriented.

Saber realize that difficulty is not what makes Elden Ring be so great; features a world design that encourages and rewards players to explore. games like breath of the wild, Saber and Elden Ring they understand it and, for that reason, they are three of the best open world titles in recent years. But outside of that typical collection of open world games that set standards, Saber he has had the least amount of attention and praise for his efforts, making him a hidden gem. Now what Elden Ring monopolize more than 12 million players in this modern version of the open world, it is worth revisiting Saber.

Saber is available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S; you even find it on Xbox Game Pass.

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