Saturday, March 25

Do you like motorbikes but are you afraid? This is one of the most advanced safety motorcycles in Mexico

Multistrada V4S has given a lot to speak not only for the impactful design changes, but because, now it is a double purpose how little or they have nothing what to envy others at segment.

One of the changes what else do it stand out is his technological equipment. Is Ducati is put on another level in security issues by offering the first front and rear radars in a motorcycle, a project in which brand has been working since 2018 and that is already one reality on the streets.

The front sensor is in charge of Adaptive Cruise Control (same as in cars) that, through automatic braking and acceleration lets keep Always the same distance that we have configured with respect to front vehicle. This is feasible at speeds Come in 30 y 60 km/h, and has up to four options from distance, which allows us to have increased comfort Y tranquillity on journeys long.

On the other hand, the rear sensor gives us all the information on the part posterior. If it detects a vehicle at the points blind, one is activated Red light in the mirrors by way of alert. The system is also It activates when a car is approaching from behind at high speeds. This is ideal for all kinds of transfers, both in city ​​and highway.

Highlight the system ignition by means of a four digit code. And you forget or lose the key, you can turn on the motorcycle and return home, yes, without being able to access the Gasoline tank.

The new one Ducati Multistrada V4S has four modes management customizable depending driving and preferences each pilot, adapting assists like ctraction control, ABS and height of the suspension, among others.

driven in the city, we confirm the great engineering job and tuning, with a easy and intuitive handling despite the dimensions. in spaces narrow we have a great control con a radio of short and efficient turn, and a system of tireless brakes. The suspension and windshield adjustable us allow superior comfort at all times. To top it off, the Loading capacity does not seem to affect significantly the aerodynamics, They have their own system of damping.

Motor V2, 1,158 cc, 170 hp
Transmission 6 speed sequential
Suspension Front: Marzocchi adjustable upside down fork Rear: Adjustable monoshock with cantilever arrangement
seat height 840mm / 860 mm
tires 120/70 19R front, 120/60 17R rear
Performance 0-100 km/h: ND Vel. Max: 250 km/h
Performance 10 km / l, tank: 22 l, range: 220 km
Price range 527,200 a 576,200 MXN
tested unit Multistrada V4S: 527,200 MXN