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Do you need to tidy up the bathroom? Reuse your old mason jars

The bathroom can easily become a mess of drawers that accumulate all kinds of jumbled objects: creams, tweezers, cans of old (or moldy) makeup or cottons. But with a little organization, and the help of those glass or canning jars that you accumulate at home, you can make all your things more handy and organized.

The trick to take advantage of the remains of the soap bar, and make it last much longer!

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And any jar works: from the jam jar, to the glass jars of sauces and other preserved foods. In their favor: they are cheap (you already have them, since you buy them when you buy this type of food) and easy to get. It’s no accident that repurposed glass jars are great for all kinds of small home projects.

Not only do you put order in the bathroom and save money, you will also give a little relief to the planet: each citizen in Spain uses 89 glass jars a year, according to data from Ecovidrio. A good part goes into the recycling process, but not all: 11 of them escape and end up in landfills.

What you need to paint your glass jars (and tidy up the bathroom)

What you need: some glass jars, cellophane or paper tape, a bottle of spray paint for semitransparent glass (the color you like or that matches the furniture and towels you use most in your bathroom) and scissors. And a piece of kitchen paper, an old newspaper, or a plastic or paper bag that you have used enough. [Hace un tiempo te contamos 18 ideas prácticas para aprovechar los periódicos viejos que guardas en casa].

Actually, the type of paint you use to decorate your jars may be different: very beautiful results are also achieved with chalk finish paint, or with more opaque tints (but try to make them special for glass). Even so, if you like to see what you keep, choose a semi-transparent or frosted paint, because it will make it much easier for you to know what you put inside your jars.

Step 1: remove the labels and clean the jars

Once they are completely clean, make sure the jars are very dry. Do you have questions about how to remove the labels? There is nothing fancy about this method, but it works: put your cans in a large saucepan and cover them completely with water to which you have added a little dishwasher detergent. Heat everything until the labels come off and float on their own in the water, or with the little help of a kitchen tongs to finish peeling them off. And that’s it.

In any case, if you have washed and dried the jars several times before, the labels tend to come off worse. A help: rub the glue with baking soda, until the jar is completely clean (it should only take a few seconds). Great!

Step 2. Cut the tape from the paper, and stick it on the jars

By cutting the paper tape into different lengths, you can create geometric patterns and drawings on your mason jar. The parts where you stick the tape will remain transparent. But make sure the tape sticks well so the spray paint doesn’t get underneath.

For the rest, we can use the pattern we want: from three parallel lines to creating geometric shapes; and even use more complex adhesive templates.

Step 3: fill the jars with the paper or newspaper

You can also use grocery bags that you cannot reuse because they are torn. The key is to refill the jar to prevent the spray paint from staining the inside of your can.

Step 4. Paint your glass jars

Carefully apply the spray to each of the jars, one thin coat at a time; until you get the coverage you want. But it is convenient to go little by little: if you go overboard with the paint, it is easy to end up with drops and stains. When you have it ready, you can let your cans dry on a newspaper, so as not to stain the table or work surface.

Step 5: let it dry and remove the tape

Let the bottle dry well and only then slowly and carefully remove the heat. Now you can fill your jars with cottons, ear buds, toothbrush and toothpaste or whatever you want!

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