Wednesday, November 29

Do you want to fight in Ukraine? This businessman covers your expenses | Digital Trends Spanish

After Russia began its military intervention in Ukraine, several technology companies organized themselves to help the inhabitants of this territory. Some even banded together to seek refuge for the thousands of people who fled the country after the Russian attack intensified.

Apparently this help has not been enough and now there is a person who wants to intervene more directly. This is Anthony Capone, president of the medical services company DocGo, which basically wants to finance an army of volunteers to travel to Ukraine to fight against Vladimir Putin’s troops.

Through LinkedIn, the employer is recruiting people who want to be part of this army. Of course, he assures that he will bear all the expenses of the volunteers. Capone even founded a Limited Liability Company (LLC), called Ukrainian Democracy, whose purpose is “to support the defense of Ukraine and its people.”

Thus, those behind this organization will provide travel and other expenses for anyone willing to join this campaign. “Ukrainian Democracy’s mission is to support financially, logistically and by providing the necessary equipment to volunteers from around the world who want to defend Ukraine but lack the resources to join the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine,” says a publication in its site Web.

According to the organization, the army has already received about 400 volunteers, who would have their tickets purchased to travel to Europe, in addition to medical supplies and bulletproof vests.

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