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Dodge promises an electric muscle car by 2024 | Digital Trends Spanish

Dodge reported today through a promotional video, that your first electric model It will be a muscle car which will hit the market in 2024. Aside from a brief look at the new vehicle covered by a tarp and some light-dark shots that avoid showing more detail, the video recorded at the entrance of the Dodge family mansion in Detroit, focuses more in old glories, than in the future of Dodge, which many analysts consider “in danger of extinction.”

Dodge clarifies that it will not sell electric cars but muscle cars, implying that whatever the way of generating mechanical energy that achieves greater power will be the one they use in their muscle cars. And anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past decade knows that that way today is an electric powertrain.

Here it is worth making a parenthesis to clarify what the term means muscle car. In the 1960s, the United States produced only three types of sports cars. The genuine sports cars whose only American representative was, and still is, the Chevrolet Corvette, the pony cars, which were coupes and convertibles based on the compact platforms of the time, a category created and led by the Ford Mustang, and finally ordinary midsize cars, usually two doors but sometimes four, equipped with huge engines and with too much power for its dynamic capabilities, whose most illustrious representative was the Pontiac GTO. The latter were known as muscle carsas they were seen as regular models after spending a stint at the gym.

During the last 60 years, the concepts that supported these categories have been blurred and distorted until today when the public uses the loudest of them to refer to any car with more power than normal as muscle car. However, Dodge deserves credit for staying very close to the original concept of the muscle car, one that certainly fits the most extreme versions of its Challenger and Charger.

The video never gets to show a clear view of the future electric muscle car, but it shows enough to deduce that its style is going to be heavily influenced by that of the current Challenger, which in itself is an excellent reinterpretation of the Challengers of the years. 70. The video also shows the vehicle ‘burning tires’ with all four wheels, a clear indication that it will have all-wheel drive, at least as an option. There is a moment when Tim Kuniskis, president of Dodge, lifts the tarp to stop seeing something of his bumper painted red.

For lovers of automobile history, the video brought a surprise, the return of the Dodge Fratzog emblem, which for those who remember it is the stylized triangle formed by three elements that Dodge used as corporate identification between 1962 and 1976. Fratzog is a word meaningless fantasy, created solely to refer to the design of this emblem, so don’t bother to Google it for its meaning.

The announcement coincided with the Stellantis Electric Vehicle Days event, in which the brands of the new automotive giant discussed their electric futures. The event has the flavor of an automotive ‘Survivor’ in which only the strongest brands such as Jeep, Ram, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo have the future assured. Dodge still has a lot to prove, and maybe that’s why it emphasized its storied past and its mighty muscle cars today. Hopefully they give them the green light, as it is going to be very interesting to see this electric muscle car with its challenge emblem and everything else that it promises. Who said Fratzog?

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