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Does your cat wink at you? He like this he tells you how much he loves you

Whether it’s when they follow us to the bathroom or when they bring us their toys between meows, cats do not stop trying to communicate with us, their humans. And there is a feline gesture that denotes that cats love us, and with which they show us their most sincere affection: a slow wink of their eyes.

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Feline behavior experts call this catlike behavior slow blinking and we not only suspect that it is a kiss in a feline version or a very affectionate way of saying “I love you”.

A study published in Nature confirms that this slow blinking of a cat’s eyes implies a sign of sincere affection, that our feline is comfortable by our side and also that the half-closed eyes, as if he were sleeping, are his way of telling us that he really trusts us your humans.

In other meows: a cat’s slow blink is its affectionate way of telling us “human, human, I love you”. An affectionate kiss in a feline version.

Cat speaks: the slow blink

Think of it this way: a very direct gaze is threatening to many animals, including felines. And, as notice in my feline behavior consultation, when someone comes because their cats just can’t get along, and they see each other as rivals: when two felines stare into each other’s eyes for, say, more than three seconds, trouble begins. Even the fights.

Consequently, cats tend to avoid direct gazes when they are afraid. or feel threatened; but, when they cross the line and adopt an aggressive offensive posture, what they do is stare into each other’s eyes and those very direct looks are also perceived as a threat.

Thus, the slow blink is a way to maintain eye contact with us (and with other friendly cats) without having to maintain a fixed or defiant gaze. Therefore, if a cat narrows its eyes when we are by its side, as if it were falling asleep, it is an unequivocal sign that our feline does not see us as a threat, but quite the opposite: someone he loves, and in the who trusts

Practice slow blinking. If you do it right, your cat will respond to you!

We already know: in feline language, when a cat blinks slowly, or very slowly, it is a sign that it is relaxed, calm. A way for our purring comrade to tell us that he can afford to be vulnerable by our side; that he has stopped guarding his territory, because he doesn’t need to be on the alert.

The behavior is similar to the beautiful posture of the feline somersault, or cat croquette, that our cat exhibits when he is happy to see us: he lies down on his belly while showing us his belly; a sign of trust towards us, of love towards his favorite humans.

Similarly, if the slow blinking occurs when we are with our meowing partner, we interpret this behavior as a sign that he is relaxed and happy with us. And, no doubt, many of us call this love.

What’s more: if we want to know if our cat or our kitten is happy and relaxed: let’s try the slow blink! When we are calm with them, let’s try to look at them softly, and let’s try to narrow our eyes little by little; as slow and slow as we can.

It is worth practicing: if we are lucky, and we do it well, our cat or kitten will return this beautiful feline kiss. Now, if our feline does not blink back at us, it does not mean that he does not love us or that he is angry; it’s just that he has other ways of expressing his affection, and telling us that he loves us.

Forget staring wars with the cat

And, quite the opposite: as we have learned, we should not stare into the eyes of our felines. So let’s forget about having “staring wars” with our cats; as much as they seem harmless to us, even funny; our cats don’t agree so much. And they can feel uncomfortable. There is more: a few days ago we told you four other things that your cat would prefer you stop doing.

This doesn’t mean we can’t look cats in the eye; but they do prefer that, when we do it, we put on a soft, relaxed look, and that we blink frequently. Or, better yet, give them a slow blink.

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