Friday, January 28

Dog health insurance: when it’s worth it – and how to find the best tariff

Conclusion: does dog health insurance make sense?

Vet visits can be expensive if the dog gets sick or injured. The prices quickly rise to several hundred or even thousands of euros. Even lengthy treatments can quickly skyrocket costs. Not every pet owner has so much money on hand in such a short time to pay a large sum. Regular vaccinations, wormer cures and other minor treatments, on the other hand, are comparatively cheap. Highly bred breeds in particular are prone to disease. In the event that your dog is very susceptible to illness, dog health insurance can be worthwhile for you.

the Consumer advice center is of the opinion that animal health insurance is rarely worthwhile, since mostly only healthy animals are insured. The policies are expensive and not all treatments are paid for. According to the consumer advice center, it can make sense to take out surgery cost insurance. It only steps in during operations, but it is much cheaper.