Thursday, September 21

Dogecoin’s Billy Markus Reveals His DOGE Holdings

Billy Markus the co-creator of Dogecoin, who goes by the username Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter, has revealed that he owns 220,000 DOGEs.

To remember, the birth of Dogecoin dates back to 2013, when its two creators, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, wanted to introduce a joke cryptocurrency to experiment with Blockchain technology.

By the way, Dogecoin has become a very popular digital resource. Thanks to a thriving community that includes Elon Musk as its main supporter. Specifically, last week you tweeted to Markus, that he is “pro DOGE”.

As a fun fact, Billy Markus wants people to stop thinking of him as a leader or representative of Dogecoin.

At what point had Billy Markus sold his cryptocurrencies?

In fact, Billy Markus said this year that he had sold all of his cryptocurrency holdings in 2015. For an amount equal to what a used Honda Civic would cost. At the time, he liquidated his cryptocurrencies for almost $ 10,000.

Although Markus is no longer working on Dogecoin, he started a foray into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) this year. Likewise, he released his “Crappy Doodle NFT”. He has also sold a few other pieces such as the “Capped Doge” which sold for $ 70,000.

Also, in August, Billy Markus was appointed as an advisor to the Dogecoin Foundation. Together with Vitalik Buterin.

«For me, I have been more or less taking the pulse of the general Dogecoin community and have had many conversations with members of the community, so I can bring that knowledge to the Foundation».

Now, it reveals that it has 220,000 DOGE

In particular, in a recent tweet, Billy Markus reminded Dogecoin fans that he is a regular member of the DOGE community. But, that is no longer in the project.

However, he still has 220,000 DOGE, roughly $ 40,000.

«Yet another reminder: I don’t speak for Dogecoin. I am not in the project. I am a member of the community. I have 220k DOGE».

Likewise, Billy Markus continued saying that he will never encode his creation again: «Working on a crypto project is terrible. Since I have discovered that the more you do for people, the more rights they have and the worse they treat you».

Regardless, however, Billy Markus says he respects the developers who have volunteered to continue the Dogecoin project.

«I will stand up for those I feel are actively improving the space. I will discourage those that I feel like they are not, I will speak of what I want».

By way of closing, this year, Dogecoin turned 8 years old. Right now, it is down 75.5% from its all-time high of $ 0.7376 reached on May 8. And according CoinMarketCap, is the 12th cryptocurrency, with a current market capitalization of $ 24 billion.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Changpeng Zhao: «If you want to waste time, use the Internet. If you want to improve your finances, use crypto».