Friday, January 21

Dollar: the CCL fell 2.6%, but the blue reached $ 204 (maximum in 6 weeks)

Following the same trend, the MEP dollar fell 0.9% (- $ 1.87) to $ 197.97, thus reducing the spread with the official to 93.5%. During the week the price fell $ 1.25.

In the official market, meanwhile, the BCRA maintained the limited rhythm of daily exchange rate adjustment, while chaining its ninth round without selling foreign currency, in a context of greater demand for pesos due to seasonal reasons and the beginning of the trading season. wheat harvest.

“The calm extends in the interventions in the last rounds of the year, beyond the fact that the dynamics of the liquid net reserves after the last payments to the IMF is still being monitored,” said an operator.

It is worth remembering that on Wednesday the country paid almost US $ 1,900 million in respect of a capital maturity with the multilateral credit organization. In this framework, gross international reserves drilled US $ 40,000 million for the first time since April, reaching exactly US $ 39,153 million.


Beyond these last days of greater tranquility, since the end of September the entity led by Miguel Ángel Pesce lost more than US $ 4,000 million. Net reserves, which are those that do not have a liability as a counterpart (that is, they exclude contributions from international organizations, swaps with China, etc.), are around US $ 2,600 million.

In a day with a low level of operations, the official wholesale dollar ended the week with a small advance of four cents to $ 102.30. In the week it accumulated an increase of 32 cents, far from the 43 of last week.

The Central Bank managed to end its performance with a new positive balance in terms of currency accumulation, totaling this week a net purchase of US $ 21 million that reduced the December red to just over US $ 310 million. During yesterday’s session, the monetary authority “raised almost US $ 10 million,” according to Gustavo Quintana, from PR Corredores de Cambio.

“Next week will also be short due to the holiday next Friday and the prevailing feeling is that the month will end with a scenario very similar to the current one, hoping that the start of the marketing of the next harvest will lead to better results for the Bank. Central, “said Quintana.

The official retail dollar lost 5 cents to $ 107.74, while the solidarity dollar fell eight cents to $ 177.77.

Informal dollar

The blue dollar, on the other hand, made another jump, climbing 1.7% ($ 3.50) to reach $ 204, its highest in six weeks. Therefore, the gap with the officer widened to 99.9%.

The informal dollar yesterday reached its highest nominal value since last November 11, when it touched 207 pesos, until now its historical record. During the day, it came to operate at $ 204.50.

With this strong advance, the parallel dollar accumulated a rise of $ 4.50 throughout the week, the most important since the end of October. Already last week it had registered a rebound of $ 3.50, which represented its first rise in a month.