Saturday, March 2

Dollar today: how much is it trading for this Saturday, January 22

“Already ending the month, The structural characteristics of the functioning of the foreign exchange market are maintained, which until now requires official interventions to compensate for temporary shortages of foreign currency., waiting for a substantial improvement in the income of the agro-export complex,” said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

In this way, the solidarity dollar advanced 13 cents to $181.15.

wholesale dollar

In the wholesale segment, the dollar increased three cents to $104.34, under the constant regulation of the BCRA. In the week ended, the wholesale exchange rate advanced 50 cents, somewhat below the adjustment of the previous week.

With an improvement in the volume traded, the US currency presented a mixed trend but ultimately turned into a seller, as a result of a slight improvement in income from abroad. Prices, as always, fluctuated according to the parameters defined for today by official regulation.

The highs were posted at the open at $104.38, seven cents higher than the previous end. Authorized purchase orders supported the price around the initial level during the first part of the day. In the second half of the session, income from abroad slightly predominated, generating a slight downward correction that took the price to a minimum of $104.34. The Central Bank took advantage of the improvement in the offer with purchases that at the end of today allowed it to maintain the price at the lows of the day.

CCL dollar

On the Stock Exchange, the dollar “counted with liquid” (CCL), -operated with the AL30 bond, one of the most liquid in the domestic market-, jumped from $206.04 to $218.82 (6.2%) in the week, taking the gap with the official exchange rate to 109.7%, the highest since December 7. This Friday it rose 96 cents (0.4%).

in addition, the prices of the CCL evaluated with other assets (such as the GD30 bond, ADRs, or Cedears), climbed up to 7.6% and reached $225, for which the spread with the wholesale dollar exceeded 115%.

MEP dollar

In the case of the MEP (via AL30), the price went from $202.46 to $212.74 in the week, an unprecedented value so far in nominal terms. On this last day it rose 42 cents (0.2%).

The blue dollar soared another $5 this Friday, January 21, 2022, to hit the unprecedented $219, its fourth consecutive nominal record, according to a survey by Ámbito in the Black Market of Currencies.

The parallel dollar thus accumulated a rise of $13 from its monthly minimum, recorded last Monday, January 3, while in the week it registered a rise of $9.50, the most important in 7 months.

Thus, the gap with the wholesale exchange rate, which regulates the Central Bank (BCRA), reached 109.9%, and is the highest since November 2020.

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