Tuesday, February 27

Dollar today: how much is it trading this Sunday, February 6?

The Central Bank (BCRA) ended with a neutral balance this Friday in its interventions, but throughout the week it accumulated sales of about $45 million. With which, he added his third consecutive week with an unfavorable balance.

Savings or solidarity dollar

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar -retail plus tax- climbed 74 cents a $183.76 on average.

wholesale dollar

In the wholesale segment, the The dollar, which is directly regulated by the BCRA, increased 10 cents to $105.41.

CCL dollar

The dollar counted with liquid “or” CCL “ (quotation valued with the GD30 bond) closed stable this Friday at $220.24, and the gap with the official exchange rate ended at 108,9%. In turn, throughout this week it recorded a decline of $5.87 (-2.6%).

MEP dollar

For its part, the MEP or Bolsa dollar (with GD30) added 53 cents (+0.3%) to $212.23. In the weekly balance, it showed a decrease of $4.94 (-2.3%).

blue dollar notes its second consecutive drop this Friday, by giving up $2 to $214, according to a survey of Ambit in the Black Market of Currencies.

In this way, the parallel dollar accumulates a loss of $2.50 in two days, after rising $4 between Monday and Wednesday.

Let us remember that the informal dollar suffered a sharp drop of $10 last Friday as a reaction to the announcement of the principle of agreement between Argentina and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the refinancing of a large debt in foreign currency.

The parallel dollar, anyway, accumulates a weekly gain of $1.50, while the gap with the wholesale exchange rate, which is regulated by the Central Bank, narrows slightly as 103%.

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