Friday, December 3

Dollar today: how much it closed at this Tuesday, November 2

It happened after the entity led by Miguel Ángel Pesce closed its best October in a decade in terms of accumulating foreign currency by acquiring, in net terms, US $ 207 million.

According to sources close to the monetary authority, no change in trend in the level of sales was observed during this round, or especially in the level of export settlement, which is above the averages for this time of year. “We warn that demand is beginning to decrease but will continue for a couple of days,” they say.

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes a 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and a 35% to Profit account- advances to $ 173.84.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale exchange rate, regulated by the Central Bank, advanced six nine cents to $ 99.87.

In a wheel with discreet volume traded, the currency returned to operate with little fluctuation and always around the values ​​established for today by the Central Bank.

The minimums were recorded with the first operations agreed at $ 99.85, four cents above the previous end. The authorized demand, destined to meet foreign obligations, maintained dominance throughout the development of the day, absorbing all the available supply and also requiring official intervention.

The BCRA’s sales made up for the lack of supply and put a limit on the rise in prices when they reached a maximum of $ 99.87, accommodating them until the closing with a minimum increase compared to the initial minimums.

Dollar CCL

In the alternative exchange markets, the regulated dollar “counted with liquid” (CCL) remained stable at $ 179.32, therefore the gap with the official one operated at 79.7%. In its “free version” it closed between $ 212 and $ 215.

Dollar MEP

For its part, the regulated MEP dollar did not show variations either and ended at $ 179.22, with the spread at $ 79.6%. In the segment not intervened by public entities, it was above $ 200.

The dollar blue bounced and reached $ 197, after scoring two consecutive losses, according to a survey of Ambit in the Black Market of Foreign Currency.

The parallel dollar rose 50 cents, after falling $ 1.50 between Friday and Monday. In this way, the The gap with the wholesale exchange rate, which is regulated by the Central Bank, remains below 97%.

It should be remembered that last Thursday, the informal dollar had reached $ 198, its record in nominal terms, amid persistent demand as a hedge, just over two weeks before the national legislative elections.

The blue dollar accumulated a rise of $ 2.50 last week, which adds to the skyrocketing $ 8.50, and the rise of $ 2 registered in the previous two weeks.