Wednesday, December 8

Dollar today: how much it closed at this Wednesday, November 3

With a smaller presence of exporters, foreseeable at this time of year, the BCRA has sold about US $ 150 million in the month. “Se expects the trend to reverse in the second half of the month “, say sources close to the monetary authority. In October, for the first time in the last decade, the BCRA ended up with a buyer balance of about US $ 200 million. In the accumulated of the year, purchases exceed US $ 6.2 billion

The saving dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and 35% on Profit account- increased four cents to $ 173.88.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale exchange rate, regulated by the Central Bank, advanced five cents to $ 99.91.

Dollar CCL

In its “free version”, the dollar “counted with liqui” (CCL) operated between $215 and the $220, while regulated CCL advanced 0.4% to $180,17. The gaps with the official ranged from 80.3% to 120%.

Dollar MEP

For his part, dollar MEP regulated exceeded for the first time $180 (spread of 80.2%), while in the segment not intervened by public entities it closed below $205 (105% gap).

In the parallel market, for its part, blue dollar reached a new historical nominal record, according to a survey of Ambit in the Black Market of Foreign Currency. The parallel dollar increased $ 1.50 to the unpublished $ 199, so the The gap with the wholesale exchange rate, which is regulated by the Central Bank, stood at 99.2%, a record since November 20, 2020.