Wednesday, May 18

Dollar today: how much it closed this Friday, December 10

Within this framework, the monetary authority once again sold foreign currency to supply demand. In the four days of this short week, he had to part with $ 155 million.

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes a 30% of the PAÍS tax, and a 35% on account of the Income Tax- advanced seven cents to $ 177.05.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale dollar rose four cents to $ 101.55, under strict BCRA regulation, after hitting an intraday high of $ 101.60 on Thursday.

So far this week, the price advanced 39 cents, against an increase of 36 cents in the whole of last week.

Dollar CCL

The CCL dollar – traded with the 2030 Bonar, the most liquid in the market – fell 5.7% (- $ 12.43) in the week to $206,36 (this Friday, -2.4%). Therefore, the gap with the other parallel exchange rate quotations was reduced, while the spread with the official one fell to 103.6

Dollar MEP

For its part, the MEP fell 3% (- $ 6.15) in the week to $197,10, despite bouncing 0.6% this Friday, which left a gap with the wholesaler of 94.1%.

The dollar blue rose for the first time in the month, after falling almost $ 5 in three days, according to a survey of Ambit in the Black Market of Foreign Currency. Therefore, the gap with the wholesale exchange rate, which is regulated by the Central Bank (BCRA), it was located at 93.44%. In the week, it drops $ 4.

Conditioned by a higher demand for pesos, something common at this time of year, but also by the expectation of an agreement between Argentina and the IMF for the debt, the parallel dollar rose 50 cents and closed at $ 196.50.

On Thursday, he had registered the biggest daily drop in a month and the lowest price since October 25, when it closed at $ 194. This week it racked up a low of $ 4.50.

Thus, so far in December, the informal dollar registers a decline of $ 5. It should be remembered that in November the parallel dollar showed a rise of $ 4 (+ 2%), after climbing $ 11.50 (+ 6.2%) in October.