Thursday, February 2

Dollar today: how much it closed this Monday, December 27

In this way, the authority achieved purchases for about US $ 65 million in the last 10 wheels, a meager amount but that contrasts with the losses suffered since the beginning of the month (US $ 330 million).

The saving dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and a 35% on account of the Income Tax- It was up 33 cents to $ 178.10, after dropping eight cents on Thursday.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale dollar rose 24 cents to $ 102.54, with the constant regulation of the BCRA, in a round in which -as at every start of the week- the correction of the wholesale exchange rate compensated the days without activity due to the holiday on Friday and the weekend

Dollar CCL

The CCL advanced a 0.1% up to $ 204.47. The gap with the official exchange rate regulated by the Central Bank (BCRA) fell to 99.4%, due to the greater rise of the latter.

Dollar MEP

On the contrary, the MEP dollar fell 1.7% to $ 194.41, bringing the spread with the wholesale dollar to 89.7%.

The blue dollar fell 50 cents to $ 203.50, according to a survey of Scope in the Black Market of Foreign Currency. Therefore, the gap with the officer dropped to 98.3%.

It should be remembered that the informal one last Thursday reached its highest nominal value since November 11, and that during the day it came to operate at an intraday peak of $ 204.50.

With this strong advance, the parallel dollar accumulated over the past short week a rise of $ 4.50, the most important since the end of October.