Monday, January 17

Dollar today: how much it closed this Thursday, December 2

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar – which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and a 35% on account of the Income Tax – rose eight cents to $ 175.89.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale dollar, meanwhile, rose 10 cents to $ 101.10, under the strict regulation of the BCRA. In this way, in the four days that have elapsed this week, the wholesale exchange rate rose 30 cents and with one wheel ahead to finish it, a rise is projected somewhat higher than that of the previous week.

Dollar CCL

The CCL exchange rate-traded with the Bonar 2030, the most liquid in the market- fell by 4% (- $ 9.01) to $214,98, after skyrocketing 4.6% (+ $ 9.84) on Wednesday. Thus, the gap with the official narrowed to 112.6%.

Dollar MEP

For his part, MEP rose 1.4% to $203,33. Consequently, the spread with the official price exceeded 100% for the first time in six days, reaching 101.1%.

The The blue dollar hit a two-week low this Thursday after erasing the initial rally and closed stable at $ 200.50. The parallel ticket comes from suffering its biggest drop in almost three weeks on Wednesday (- $ 1), according to a survey of Scope in the Black Market of Currencies.

At the beginning of the day, the parallel dollar rose 50 cents to $ 201, but then returned to the closing values ​​of Wednesday. Thus, the gap with the wholesale official reached 98.4%.

In November, the informal dollar showed a $ 4 hike (+ 2%), after climb $ 11.50 in October (+ 6.2%).

In any case, So far in 2021 the blue dollar accumulates an appreciation of $ 34.50 (around 20%), well below the accumulated inflation of 2021, above 43%.