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Dollar today: how much it closed this Thursday, December 30

In addition, at the closing of future operations, the BCRA obtained a profit of 11,000 million in December and 30,000 million accumulated in the year.

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The saving dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and a 35% on account of the Income Tax- it amounted to 22 cents to $ 178.68. It is about $ 29 below blue.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale dollar, for its part, advanced four cents to $ 102.72, under the constant regulation of the BCRA.

Dollar CCL

The CCL dollar – traded with the Bonar 2030, the most liquid bonds in the financial market – rose 44.1% ($ 61.87) in the year to $202,13Thus, the gap with the wholesale exchange rate regulated by the BCRA jumped 30 points, from 66.7% to 96.7%. This Thursday it fell 0.6% (- $ 1.31)

Dollar MEP

For its part, The MEP dollar or Stock Market rose 41.3% ($ 57.81) annually to $ 197.80, with which the spread with the wholesale dollar reached 92.5%. On the day it rose 0.9% ($ 1.77).

The blue dollar closed 2021 with a cumulative increase of 25.3% ($ 42), almost half compared to the inflation estimated for the same period. Even so, the gap with the official exchange rate remained above 100%, a level considered difficult to sustain over time by most analysts.

Despite falling $ 1 this Thursday, December 30, 2021, the dollar reportsl registered a rise of 3.2% in December (higher than the previous month) to end the year at $ 208. Therefore, the spread with the wholesaler, which is regulated by the Central Bank (BCRA), was 102.4%.

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