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Dollar today: how much it closed this Thursday, January 27

The insufficiency of the genuine supply once again required official assistance,” said analyst Gustavo Quintana, adding: “the usual increase in demand in the days before each end of the month impacts the market, forcing the monetary authority to cover the remainder with sales of own resources”.

On the other hand, the monetary authority awarded $260,620 million, in Liquidity Letters (‘Leliq’) at a stable rate of 40% per year, operators said. They added that the transactions were carried out with a 28-day term, with a contraction of 73,693 million pesos compared to maturities of 186,871 million.

Savings or solidarity dollar

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar -retail plus tax- it rose 58 cents to $182.33. Thus, the gap with the blue exceeds $40, the highest spread in 15 months.

wholesale dollar

In the wholesale segment, the dollar advanced seven cents to $104.77, under the strict regulation of the BCRA.

Until this Thursday, the wholesale exchange rate accumulates a rise of 43 cents and is heading to end the week with a correction similar to that of the previous one.

With a higher trading volume, the US currency continued to trade again with a sustained tone but with little variation in prices, which remained stabilized around the official regulation value set for today.

CCL dollar

The different quotes of the CCL dollar operated with different assets (such as the GD30 bond, ADRs, or Cedears) they climbed around 1.5% and touched $235, for which the gaps with the wholesale exchange rate, which regulates the Central Bank (BCRA), reached 124%.

Meanwhile, the CCL via the AL30 bond, one of the most liquid in the domestic market but with limits on the amounts that can be operated, advanced 1.4% to $232.36.

MEP dollar

In the case of the MEP dollar operated with the same title, its price soared 3.2% to settle at $223.75, for which it exceeds the blue and the spread with the official scored a new unprecedented record of 113.6%.

The blue dollar broke a new nominal record this Thursday, January 27, 2022, according to a survey by Ámbito in the Foreign Exchange Black Market, in the midst of a greater search for foreign exchange coverage.

The Casual Dollar increased $1.50 to $222,50 after adding another $2 between Tuesday and Wednesday. During the day, the parallel traded at $223.50.

In this way, The gap with the wholesale exchange rate, which is regulated by the Central Bank, rose to 112.4%, the highest since November 13, 2020.

The parallel dollar comes from accumulating its highest weekly rise in seven months: $9,50. Thus, the price exhibits a rise of $15.50 from its monthly low ($206), noted on Monday, January 3.

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