Wednesday, January 19

Dollar today: how much it is trading at this Tuesday, December 7

The saving dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and a 35% on account of the Income Tax- it amounted to three cents to $ 175.97.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale dollar, meanwhile, rose 12 cents to $ 101.28, under the strict regulation of the BCRA.

The adjustment of the wholesale exchange rate compensated, like every start of the week, the inactivity of the weekend, but with a rise lower than that of last Monday.

Dollar CCL

The dollar CCL -operated with the Bonar 2030, the most liquid in the square- it rose just eight cents to $ 219.25, bringing the gap with the officer to 116.5%.

Dollar MEP

For his part, MEP it fell 0.6% (- $ 1.29) to $ 202.27. Consequently, the spread with the official quotation was 99.4%.

The The blue dollar fell sharply on Monday and pierced $ 200, so the exchange rate gap reached its lowest level since late October, according to a survey of Ambit in the Black Market of Foreign Currency.

Conditioned by a greater demand for pesos, something common at the beginning of each month, the parallel dollar yielded $ 1.50 to $ 199, minimum in three weeks, after two wheels without showing changes in its price.

Thus, the spread with the wholesale exchange rate, which is regulated by the Central Bank (BCRA), fell to 96.5%.