Friday, January 28

Dollar today: how much it is trading at this Tuesday, November 30

While, the BCRA’s gross reserves fell US $ 106 million on Monday to US $ 42,038 million, the lowest level since mid-August.

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes a 30% of the PAÍS tax, and a 35% on account of the Income Tax- advanced 40 cents to $ 175.48.

Wholesale dollar

The wholesale dollar, for its part, rose 13 cents to $ 100.93, under the strict regulation of the BCRA.

Last week, the wholesale exchange rate advanced 34 cents, a rise significantly higher than the 24 cents registered in the previous week. Since last April 28, the wholesale exchange rate did not record a rise of the magnitude of today, except for those registered at each beginning of the week.

Dollar CCL

The Dollar Cash with Settlement rebounded 1.8% to $ 215.64, with which the gap with the officer it expanded to 113.6%.

Dollar MEP

The dollar MEP fell 1.6% to $ 196.94, while the spread with the wholesaler fell to 95.1%. In this way, the Stock Exchange closed below the blue for the second consecutive round.

The blue dollar closed stable this Monday at $ 201 for the second consecutive round, according to a survey of Ambit in the Black Market of Foreign Currency. Thus, the gap with the wholesale official remained below 100%, to stand at 99.2%.

The parallel dollar came from cutting a streak of six consecutive weekly rises, at accumulate a loss of 50 cents.

Even so, the informal registered nine consecutive days trading at $ 200 or above that level.

So far in November, the informal dollar shows an increase of $ 3.50 (+ 1.8%), after climbing $ 11.50 in October (+ 6.2%).