Wednesday, December 8

Dollar today: how much it is trading at this Tuesday, November 9

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax, and 35% of Profit account- amounted to 22 cents to $ 174.21.

Wholesale dollar

The The wholesale exchange rate, regulated by the Central Bank, rose 14 cents to $ 100.08, which registered the highest correction for the beginning of the week since the second week of October, when it reached fifteen cents of raise on that day.

After the drop recorded last Friday, the Central Bank resumed its policy of adjusting the wholesale exchange rate with a rise that compensated, as in every beginning of the week, the days without activity for the weekend.

Dollar CCL

The dollar “with cash” (CCL) Regulated increased by 0.3% to $ 181.96, therefore the spread with the wholesaler rose to 81.8%. In its “free version” it was close to $ 214.

Dollar MEP

For his part, dollar MEP Regulated also rose 0.3% to $ 181.86, which led to the gap to 81.7%. In the segment not intervened by public agencies, the round culminated in the $ 203 area.

The dollar blue closed stable this Monday, after reaching the unpublished $ 200 on Thursday on the intraday, according to a survey of Ambit in the Black Market of Foreign Currency, in the midst of a persistent demand as a hedge, one week before the national legislative elections.

The parallel dollar remained at $ 199, so the gap with the wholesale exchange rate, which is regulated by the Central Bank, remains at 98.9%. Last week, the blue dollar advanced $ 1.50, after increasing $ 2.50, $ 8.50, and $ 2 in the previous three weeks.

in addition, throughout October the informal dollar rose by $ 11.50 (+ 6.2%) from high inflation, exchange controls, fiscal deficit and firm country risk, which fueled expectations of devaluation and put pressure on the currency, which usually has sharp jumps with only a few operations.

Anyway, so far in 2021 the parallel accumulates an appreciation of $ 33 (close to 20%), well below the accumulated inflation of 2021, close to 40%.

Let us remember that during September, informal dollar it rose $ 4.50 (+ 2.5%), after posting its lowest rise since March in August, climbing just $ 1 (+ 0.6%). After hitting a low of $ 139 in early April, the parallel dollar increased $ 9 in April (6.4%), $ 7 (4.7%) in May, $ 11 (7%) in June, and $ 12.50 (+ 7.4%) in July.