Monday, December 6

Domínguez: “We must accelerate the food certification process and set an international agenda”

Domínguez noted that “What is under discussion today has to do with the demands of the most demanding consumers on the planet, with demands in the countries with the highest purchasing power in Europe, which are demanding the highest quality in what is consumed and this is an opportunity for Argentina “.

In line with these sayings, he recalled the decision of President Alberto Fernández to work for “the Argentine of work, production and investment and in confidence in our own capabilities.”

He then outlined the challenge so that “in 2022 we certify our good agro-bioindustrial practices, and establish an international insertion agenda that accounts for the sustainability of our production system.”

“I am here in Tandil to tell you that from the national government we want this to be the seal by which we begin to enter demanding markets. I have discussed this with the Foreign Minister (Santiago Cafiero) to define the international insertion agenda,” he said.

Among the activities that he developed in the Buenos Aires mountain town, Domínguez met with local producers nucleated in the Civil Association of Porcine Producers of Tandil, where it was agreed to work together to improve infrastructure and access new equipment and technologies to improve their productive efficiency and economic, and disposal of waste generated on farms.

The minister of the rural portfolio alluded to the importance of the union of families and peoples, stating: “We all know that families and disunited peoples are going astray. Our land unites us. It is as Francis (the Pope) says, we are brothers beyond differences. People and institutions, all of us, are called to build a better world, a better country. I am convinced that we can achieve harmony to move forward together. And that is why I am working for unity and the common good by mandate of the President “.