Tuesday, May 17

DomusVI goes to court to block the publication of those killed by COVID in each residence

DomusVi, the giant of geriatric services, does not want it to be known how the drama of deaths due to COVID that devastated the elderly care system was distributed in Galicia. The company, which is directed in Spain by Josefina Fernández, has just turned to the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) to stop a request for information made by eldiario Praza.gal to the Galician administration. The journalistic request demanded general and anonymized data on the distribution of deaths by each healthcare center. After a seven-month journey of journalistic insistence, protected by the Transparency Law, the Xunta gave its arm to twist and agreed to send the tables of documents. The data would allow to clarify the relationship between the type of management of each center and the evolution of COVID within its walls. But DomusVi has exercised its right to appeal before the Litigation Chamber of the TSXG.

The CEO of DomusVi, “more proud than ever” despite the death of more than 1,700 users in their residences

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In a statement sent to elDiario.es, the company assures that the publication of the ranking of deaths by residence “may lead to irreversible reputational damage for the company.” The last time an internal source transferred to this newsroom the list of deaths in its centers in September 2020, the figure exceeded 1,700. In the note sent to this writing, the company claims to be “committed to transparency.”

Only in Galicia, from where Josefina Fernández runs her empire, a total of 140 people lost their lives due to COVID-19 until September 29 after contracting the virus in one of their 37 residences. This is confirmed to this writing by industry sources with access to the data. Throughout the evolution of the pandemic, several of these centers have had to be intervened by the Xunta: Vigo, Cangas and Outeiro de Rei. In the latter, more than 100 confirmed infections were registered in September in a single day. Other centers that were never intervened also suffered severely from the scourge of the pandemic. This is the case of DomusVi San Lázaro (Santiago), where according to the families, one in three users lost their lives. From that center, the Galician Government received in February a letter that it never opened in which the workers denounced that the company did not comply with the personnel per user ratios required by the public specifications.

Galicia is one of the most opaque communities with the dissemination of information about the dead in residences. The administration led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo has been offering data on their deaths in nursing homes for months, but their diligence is diluted when it comes to counting the elderly who died in hospitals but came from nursing homes. At this point lies the importance of the information claimed by Praza.gal and whose dissemination DomusVi opposes. In addition to the above, there is the circumstance that the residential giant is in charge of managing a multitude of public centers where day-to-day care has been privatized. His command over public residences is estimated at around 80% of them, according to sources in the sector.

Deeply connected with the Popular Party and, specifically with Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Josefina Fernández was asked in mid-November last year to explain in the Galician Parliament what was happening with the elderly and COVID in the residences. That visit became a tribute from the PP to the CEO of DomusVI. When the opposition asked questions, the committee table where he appeared publicly apologized to Fernández “on behalf of the Galician Parliament.” From that appearance there are proclamations for the newspaper archive such as the following that Fernández made when he was asked that a public system of residences would be better to take care of the elderly: “That would bring chaos, loss of resources and consequences of unpredictable scope,” he said before the deputies.

During the time in which the pandemic has focused the concerns of public opinion, the situation in the DomusVi residences has offered such a number of headlines that representing them all seems like an encyclopedic task. As an example, the following list of what has been published about this company in these pages over the last few months: “The CEO of DomusVi ‘prouder than ever’ despite the death of 1,700 people in their residences” , “DomusVi residences charge commissions to funeral homes that bury their patients”, “a DomusVi residence in Donostia charges its users an extra for the masks that the administrations distribute for free”, “the Xunta subsidizes DomusVi with 250,000 euros by training the unemployed “,” DomusVi rewards its employees if they attract new clients to occupy the beds free of those killed by COVID “,” the Xunta vaccinated the CEO of DomusVi in February despite being out of the first lists of personnel sanitary “,”DomusVi is looking for medical students on Infojobs to incorporate them into your templates “…