Wednesday, October 20

DomusVi removes its CEO after a questioned management at the head of nursing homes

The largest group of residences in Spain, DomusVi, has set aside Josefina Fernández as CEO and has appointed José María Pena in her place. Josefina Fernández, questioned about the management of her centers after the death of 2,000 elderly in residences of this group last year, she will occupy the position of institutional president.

DomusVi frames the appointments as a “reinforcement” of its team in the new cycle of “growth and transformation” and thanks Fernández “for the great achievements made by the company over the last 20 years,” according to the statement released this Thursday. Regarding his new position, the giant of the sector indicates that he will be in charge of representing them “in all national and regional institutions” and will share “his extensive experience and knowledge with the new CEO.” However, industry sources assure that there was great discomfort over his performance at the helm of the multinational.

The now former CEO affirms that she is “delighted” to take on her new role: “Once the company has been brought to its leadership in the sector, I am now delighted to assume this new strategic position in order to continue working on visibility and the institutional representation of DomusVi in Spain, convinced that it is the best for the company, “says Fernández, according to the company’s own press release. His replacement, José María Pena, is a telecommunications engineer with experience in SITEL and PROSEGUR.

Controversial defense of his management in the Parliament of Galicia

The former CEO of DomusVi made a closed defense of her management in November last year in the Galician Parliament. Josefina Fernández unloaded all blame in the measures against the pandemic of the Government of Pedro Sánchez and, to a lesser extent, in the management of some autonomous communities. The exception was the Xunta of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, of which the businesswoman is very close: “I am not ashamed to say that Galicia did well,” he said in response to the Socialist deputy Pablo Arangüena.

In her distribution of responsibilities, Josefina Fernández even included the relatives of the inmates of their residences, specifically they went to court to report the situation in the residences of this giant of the geriatric sector: “It took us a lot for the families to understand that they were not they could enter [en los centros], and it is true that some families did not understand it and that is where there were more infections, “he said.

The Xunta de Galicia vaccinated the CEO of the DomusVi residences in January with her brother in one of their residences in Vigo, as revealed by At the end of that month he obtained a full immunization with the second dose. Neither of the two appeared in the first lists that DomusVi sent to the Galician administration demanding vaccines, nor was they in direct contact with the residents.

Half of the deaths from COVID in residences for the elderly and dependents of the Xunta were in centers managed by DomusVi, as revealed by the daily last August. The residences owned by the Xunta registered a total of 80 deaths due to the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic and, of these, half corresponded to centers whose management was handed over by the Galician administration to DomusVi. According to the information provided to by the Galician Government’s transparency portal, the mortality rate in residences run by DomusVi is double that in the rest of publicly owned residences, taking into account that this company, the majority in the sector, manages just over a quarter of the geriatric centers in Galicia.