Monday, September 25

Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena, less than 24 hours from making history

The mayors of Villanueva de la Serena and Badajoz, José Luis Quintana and Miguel Ángel Gallardo, respectively, two municipalities whose residents decide this Sunday whether to start the path of a municipal merger, have encouraged the public to participate massively in the consultation, because “we are -they added- before a transcendental day for the future” of the new generations and where a path of opportunities is opened”.

If a favorable majority vote comes out, with more than 66% support in both municipalities, “a new time will begin.” “This Sunday is a key and transcendental day, since we can change the designs of this land through the union of wills that generates a different dynamic”, added the mayor of Villanueva de la Serena.

Both Gallardo and Quintana have expressed their satisfaction at having come this far “with a backpack full of consensus, projects and thanks”. “We have done everything in our power” to promote this merger project, the mayor of Villanova pointed out.

Both mayors have made these statements minutes before visiting the Villanueva de la Serena market, where they have visited the information space in support of the merger installed in this urban commercial space, and have had numerous conversations with neighbors and merchants.

“Tomorrow we play everything,” Gallardo insisted.

For Quintana, who has recalled that in popular consultations there is no day of reflection, “the opportunity to change the future” of both municipalities is tomorrow. “I have been in politics for 26 years and I have never been in such an important and exciting project.”

“With the will of the people many things can be changed, including the path of municipalism, not only in this land but also in Spain”, affirmed the Dombenite mayor.

In his opinion, this merger project is “an example of political unity with the same discourse, that of economic, social and employment opportunities.” “We hope for the confidence of the citizens to make a long-awaited dream come true,” he added.