Tuesday, February 27

Don Benito and Villanueva will have a new name at the end of the month

The end of July will be the new date on which the name of the new Extremaduran city resulting from the merger between Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena will be announced, as announced this Friday by the mayor of Don Benito, José Luis Quintana.

After the general rejection generated by the two reculting proposals of the Commission in charge of the name of the new city, Mestas del Guadiana and Concordia del Guadiana, the different groups of spokespersons jointly decided to shelve the two names.

In this sense, Quintana has advanced that in the next few days a meeting will take place between the spokespersons of the different municipal groups of the two town halls together with both mayors to “make a decision” in this regard.

According to Quintana, the matter of the name “is not trivial” and it is necessary to look for a denomination that “unites the two parties and is accepted by the citizenry.”

Likewise, it has stressed that the merger is an “unstoppable process” that continues thanks to the “overwhelming” support of the popular consultation held last February, by which “thousands of residents of Don Benito and Villanueva” gave their approval to the process. and “it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t get down to work with that majority.”

The mayor explained that the objective is for the different working groups to conclude their respective functions at the beginning of December and that before the end of the year the merger agreement between the two municipalities can be signed as “the starting gun for the complete union” .

“It will be in the next legislature when the two councils are dissolved and a manager will be formed until the next elections,” he pointed out.

Regarding whether he will be the head of the list again in the municipal elections of 2023, Quintana has said that “if my party wants, I will present myself again” with the merger project as the main objective.

“I am excited about merging these two municipalities, working for the people of Don Benito and Villanueva, and achieving things that we could not achieve separately,” he concluded.