Tuesday, October 26

Donald Trump asks a Florida court to force Twitter to reactivate his account



The former president of the United States Donald Trump, whose Twitter account was suspended in January following the assault on the Capitol by a group of his followers, has asked a court in the state of Florida to force the company to reactivate the profile.

According to the ex-president, Twitter canceled his account due to political pressure from rivals. Now he has asked that it be reopened temporarily while his lawsuit against the company is settled, which he has demanded to restore the profile permanently.

The request was registered on Friday afternoon. In it, the magnate’s lawyers have defended that Twitter «exercises a level of power and control of political discourse (…) immeasurable, without historical precedent, and deeply dangerous for open democratic debate, ”according to the Bloomberg agency.

In addition, they have ensured that the company censured Trump during his presidency by labeling his messages as “dubious information” or stating that they violated the platform’s rules against incitement to violence.

Twitter decided to suspend the account of the then president of the United States, with more than 88 million followers, after a group of his followers attacked the Capitol on January 6 to try to stop the confirmation of Joe Biden’s electoral victory in Congress. Five people died in the attack.

Donald Trump had used his Twitter profile to repeatedly claim that the elections had been rigged, an accusation that has been refuted on numerous occasions and for which he did not present evidence.

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