Wednesday, January 19

Donald Trump called cryptocurrencies “dangerous”

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Donald Trump pointed to the influence of crypto as a “very dangerous thing”. The former president of the United States ratified his support for the traditional American currency, while distrusting the rise of the crypto world.

A posture of mistrust

Given the presence of the crypto world in the current economic scenario, Trump points to a trend that he mistrusts. He has shown some rejection of the influence that crypto assets currently exert in various sectors of the economy.

On the one hand, he commented that he would prefer to continue using the United States currency (USD) as the main currency. At the other extreme, Donald Trump pointed out that moving to participate in a crypto environment is not to his liking.

This expression arises with the narrative from the explosiveness of the crypto market, alluding to the fact that the crypto world is a “very dangerous thing.” Among his reasons, he mentions that the arrival of cryptocurrencies represents a more agitated environment than when technology emerged in recent years.

“It will make the great technological explosion seem like a child’s thing,” said the former president about the situation. “I never loved it because I like to have the dollar,” he commented, emphasizing an opposition to the growth of the crypto sector.

Do you support your wife’s NFT project?

While Trump has shown his mistrustful stance towards digital assets, he also spoke about the initiative of Melania, his wife, in a new project. This initiative is based on the minting of crypto assets through the Solana blockchain.

This project consists of the creation of digital art, for its exchange within the crypto market. Melania launched her first set of NFT digital works, dubbed “Melania’s Vision”, to be sold (for now) in the Solana currency (SOL).

The former first lady’s collectibles would sell for the equivalent of 1 SOL

The launch is expected to expand, considering the possibility of materializing other works. In addition, it would be planned that part of the proceeds will be donated for charitable acts.

While Donald Trump called cryptocurrencies “dangerous”, his wife’s project appears to be 100% his own. This, without the collaborative participation of Solana or another organization.

Both representatives of Solana and MoonPay clarified “not having any relationship” with the Melania Trump project. The crypto platform and the payment processor for its exchange with cryptocurrencies did not promote the initiative in any way.

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