Wednesday, May 18

Donald Trump’s Official Website Hacked | Digital Trends Spanish

A Turkish activist hacked the website of Donald Trump’s candidacy and posted a video of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Strictly speaking, the hack only affected a specific section of the site and not the entire page. In particular, the activist modified the content of the subdomain, to which he added a text and a video.

In said clip, the President of Turkey is seen quoting part of the Koran. Meanwhile, the message that appeared on the page was the following: “Do not be like those who forgot Allah and Allah made them forget themselves. Because that’s where those really got lost. “

The person responsible for this hack, who calls himself RootAyyildiz, indicated to Vice that for more than three months had gained access to the site of Donald Trump. “I am an activist and I have been doing my work on websites for a long time to get a message across.”

To carry out the intrusion, a method called Server Side Template Injection (SSTI) was used, with which any code can be added to the base template of the compromised web page. .

At the time of publishing this article, the subdomain of Donald Trump’s page had already returned to normal and neither the former president nor anyone on his team referred to the problem.

This website of Donald Trump is similar to the one he launched a while ago to post messages, as a way to replace his Twitter account that is permanently suspended. However, that blog was closed shortly after and it is said that one of the unofficial reasons was the lack of traffic.

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