Thursday, September 16

Donald Tusk warns: “Poland could leave the EU sooner than you think”

Correspondent in Berlin



The Media Law, still in parliamentary process, and the reform of the judiciary is leading the Polish government to a point of no return in relation to the EU. “Poland could leave the EU sooner than you think,” the former president of the European Council and today leader of the opposition warned. Donald Tusk. “I would not be so calm about the permanence of Poland in the EU,” he explained his arguments, “because the rhetoric, comparing Brussels with the Soviet Union or the Nazi occupation is not without effect.” He was referring without citing it to deputy Marek Suski, who recently accused Brussels of “wanting to bring Poland to its knees, which already fought against other invaders during the war,” and asserted that “if our ancestors fought against the Soviet occupiers, we will fight against the occupiers of Brussels.” In Tusk’s opinion, this is not a single line. “Right now, the majority of the Polish government thinks that the EU is, at best, an unfortunate necessity and they have daydreams about how to free Poland from that occupation,” he said.

Also, recently, the chairman of the parliamentary group of the government party Law and Justice (PiS), Ryszard Terlecki, has threatened in parliament that “the EU should be what is acceptable to us” and that “if it continues to go where it seems it will go, we have to look for drastic solutions (…) the British showed us the way, the dictatorship of Brussels they were not doing well, they turned around and left. The Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau who visited the German city of Weimar today, has responded to these statements that “reflect the critical stance of an increasing part of the Polka population towards the solutions proposed by the European authorities”, although he has acknowledged that “most of the Polish population wishes to remain in the EU. ‘

Tusk calls on the European institutions to “clearly distinguish between what is a bad government and what is Poland”, so that finally do not impose economic sanctions that the European Commission has recently requested, so that the EU is not dragged down by the attitude of the Government of Warsaw. “Many disasters have happened in history, not because someone planned them, but because someone acted irresponsibly, foolishly risky … And today the policy of PiS with regard to international issues is characterized precisely by unnecessary risk.” Tusk has defended in Brussels that «punish Poland as a whole state it won’t make much sense and the last thing my interlocutors had in mind was to do something that would push Poland out of the EU. ‘ He considers that “there is still time to avoid this misfortune.”

Merkel’s visit

In this context, German Chancellor Angela Merkel travels tomorrow in what will be his last official visit to Poland. Tusk wants Germany to understand that “the sanctions related to the Commission’s complaint to the Court for the functioning of the Disciplinary Chamber are onerous and completely unnecessary, but we are also talking about something even more costly: the threat of withholding aid of the European Reconstruction Fund ”.

Hours before taking off for Warsaw, the Polish President Adrzej Duda he has refused to meet with Merkel during this visit. His spokesman has reported that Duda’s agenda has changed after Russian authorities announced the end of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, linking Russia with Germany, a project that the Polish government has unsuccessfully opposed. The travel agenda, made public in early September, contained this meeting, but Polish national security adviser Pawel Soloch has alleged “coincidence and discordance in circumstances” to announce the cancellation. Yes Merkel will meet with him primer ministro polaco Mateusz Morawiecki, with which he will address the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus, subject to migratory pressure.

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