Wednesday, September 28

“Don’t underestimate the metaverse”, says Fernando Ulrich

In a live held last Thursday (23), Fernando Ulrich and Edilson Osório Jr. talked about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, in addition to exposing their opinions and experiences with the metaverse, the most popular topic of this last quarter of 2021.

Although the definition of metaverse is broad and imprecise, these digital worlds have all the necessary characteristics to become increasingly present in our lives, both for fun and for work, as well as the internet.

So it’s already considered a buzzword — word in fashion — and it is necessary to look at this sector with curiosity and attention, after all, it is full of opportunities, both in terms of sensitive experiences and investment.

metaverse is the future

The conversation between the two big names in the cryptocurrency sector took place on the channel EddieOzTV on the morning of last Thursday (23). On the occasion, both reported their experiences with the metaverse.

“It’s even difficult to define the metaverse, but it’s possibly the new iteration of the internet, the new frontier of the internet or even the evolution of the internet”

On the occasion, Ulrich mentioned that he played ping-pong in virtual reality this past Monday (20th) after a conversation about the same subject with Felipe Sant’Ana, from Paradigma Education, and who was shocked by the feel of the experience.

“That for me was shocking, where I realized that this thing can be an evolution and I can have experiences, for example, this conversation here if it were in the metaverse, I think it would have the ability to give us this feeling of presence, much more than we have today”, said Fernando Ulrich.

Going further, Ulrich also recalled his first experience using an internet chat, in mid-1995, where he chatted with a person from Hong Kong. In other words, just as the internet evolved and today such interaction is common in the business meeting environment, the same can happen with the metaverse.

Metaverse has been around for years

Continuing the conversation, Edilson Osório Jr. commented on his experiences with the metaverse, reporting that, after moving to Estonia, he spent two years away from his wife and that they used this technology to maintain proximity.

“We used virtual reality to, for example, watch movies together. So, we put the oculus, it was a movie theater where I sat next to her and I talked to her, turned around, looked at her avatar on the side… You have an experience, a feeling of the person’s presence”, commented Edilson Osório Jr.

Concluding his account, Edilson also said that he was an advisor for a college project in 2007 within Second Life, a computer game that simulates the real world. Edilson said his students created an in-game virtual store that sold t-shirts and then delivered them to the real world.

In other words, metaverses do not necessarily need virtual reality technology and have been around for years. Even so, it’s worth remembering that we now have cryptocurrencies that will further complement these virtual worlds.