Monday, September 20

Don’t we deserve a country without fear?

In memory of the labor lawyer, anti-Franco fighter, tireless worker for democracy and social rights, who died 25 years ago, who was Tomás Iglesias, my father.

Twenty years have passed since the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, and all of us who lived through it will remember where we were when we were assaulted by the horror of the attack and, immediately, by the certainty that the United States would take revenge on innocents. As did. Hence the still suffering of so many Iraqis and Afghans. Later, many others saw ourselves in the spiral of terror due to the 11M attacks in Madrid (2004), Paris (Charlie Hebdo and Bataclán, January and November 2015), Brussels (April 2016) or London (June 2017). Unbridled hatred. Hate fueled by hate. That the Spaniards were not strange to us.

We suffer ETA, which since the end of the Franco regime has committed 855 murders, 86 kidnappings and left thousands of injured and maimed; before, the 40 years of bloody military dictatorship of Franco; before, the War of Spain in which the powers rehearsed what was later the Second World War and before, the coup against the legitimate Second Republic. We have come to today after a long series of chained hate, fear and pain.

All in all (it is dizzying to write it, cross your fingers) today we enjoy a situation of harmony and stability. We are not the perfect happy Arcadia at all. Very serious problems challenge us: unemployment, precariousness and lack of expectations corner many families while the price of energy is runaway, the covid is still a very serious danger and overlaps with the already tangible ravages of climate change (heat waves , waterspouts and floods, fires, desertification …) These are challenges so important, difficult to solve and, at the same time, urgent that it would not enter any sensible mind that instead of putting ourselves together to work on solving them, we prefer to open the box of Pandora for a whirlwind of hatred to sweep us away.

However, where are we? Why? Even when?

The obvious sowing of fear

The most regrettable episode of the false denunciation of the homophobic attack in Malasaña, the irresponsible political and media haste (let’s all do self-criticism) should not overshadow the increase, true and verified, of the hate attacks (9% more growth compared to 2019. 2020 is incomparable given the confinement). Are 748 so far this year and they have had as victims to ever-widening layers of society: beggars, disabled people, migrants, believers of different religions, people stigmatized because of their race or ethnicity, because of their womanhood, their ideology or activism, their LGTBI sexual identity and their situation as migrants.

Vox rubs his hands with the controversy this week. I was looking for something like that to raise my head after the success of the ultra current of Ayuso in the PP it has slowed down its expectations of growth. It is not advisable to campaign against them by making them the center of political debate, but it is a civic duty, to protect our democracy, to denounce the hateful, stigmatizing and discriminatory speech that their leaders always encourage. Because they lie saying that the crime grows because of the migrants and they point to the defenseless minors who arrived without relatives, because they deceive saying that the women victims of abuse present false complaints with collusion of what they call “feminist beach bars”, because they try to put an end to the education in respect of sexual diversity in schools and, they do, falsely accuse victims of Francoism such as the Thirteen Roses and communist fighters who gave birth to this democracy of terrible crimes.

They aim and by doing so they sow fear. They hide in the formula “we condemn all violence” like Herri Batasuna when he did not want to condemn ETA. And they stigmatize a group that goes even beyond the “26 million Reds, including children »that retired military personnel from their orbit yearn to” annihilate“”. Because their intolerance also includes Basque and Catalan nationalists, no matter how right-wing and Catholic some may be, also Andalusian or Galician … Núñez Feijoo, the president of Galicia (PP) is for them an “exclusive nationalist.” The PP should not forget that it is they who are called “the cowardly right” and who want to surprise and engulf.

I try to understand that the popular ones are tempted to compromise with them because, as Cs is falling apart and they have broken the bridges with everyone else, they need them to govern and in the polls today the numbers give.

Focus together on making a better country

But, the citizenship. What country project do we think would come out of a PP and Vox government? And institutions such as the judiciary that should protect our democracy, will they continue to minimize the caliber of the threat? with its endorsement, for example, of posters that stigmatize migrant children?

The quality and civility of the discrepancy is what measures the health of a democracy. The parties, the parliamentary work and the governments (central, regional and municipal) have to focus on recovery and making it fair. Because that is how it should be and because that is a guarantor of social harmony and sustainability.

In the progressive part of the arch is exciting the announcement of a country project by Yolanda Díaz, leader in pector of United We Can in a possible broader candidacy to the left of the PSOE, supported by figures such as the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau from En Comú Podem. But time passes, we must specify the proposal and think about why a social majority that needs public policies supported by taxes paid by high incomes, multinationals and large fortunes does not just vote for these measures at the polls. Why, in fact, the PSOE that governs Spain with UP, offers, through the mouth of Juan Espadas, his support to the PP in Andalusia while the alternative left here doomed to irrelevance by atomizing.

Does the electorate fear that a project of social justice will always be conjured up by the force of opposing interests? Are you afraid of pointing out defending you?

The fears that we suffer in the long chain of years have taught us a lot. Not only that, as the sculptor Eduardo Chillida said during the worst years of ETA, “dignity always has to be one point above fear”. Rather, lowering one’s head to the bully on duty never frees one, just the opposite, it subjects him to an arbitrariness and abuse that always enslaves more.

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