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Doom creators prevent metal band from using the name Doomscroll | Digital Trends Spanish

A musician from Texas wanted to use the Doomscroll name for a new metal band. And to safeguard it, he registered it in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, his request was denied by id Software, the creators of the video game. Doom. The reason? The use of the word doom.

The person in question, whose dreams were truncated by id Software, is called Dustin Mitchell and he assures that the name of his potential future band has nothing to do with Doom, the franchise that started in 1993. In fact, the word doomscroll It also does not have to do with video games, but refers to the action of making scrolling on social media looking for negative or catastrophic news.

The original term is doomscrolling and was used for the first time in 2018 in a tweet:

Taking a break from doomscrolling and being inundated with things and stuff. I & # 39; ll be back tuesday or something. Here & # 39; sa thing I & # 39; m making.

& mdash; callamity (@Callamitys) October 7, 2018

The concept of doomscrolling It struck Dustin Mitchell as striking enough to name a metal band Doomscroll. However, the musician revealed to Wired that one day before his registration was approved, he received an email from an id Software attorney saying they would appeal his application for registration.

Since the company owns the Doom trademark, they are fully entitled to at least appeal any registry that uses a similar word.

In practice, what proceeds now is for the patent office to determine whether id Software can object to someone registering a name associated with Doom, as Doomscroll.

However, the end of the story is far from near: in 2023 it will be known if the creators of Doom they are right or if they will have to accept that a band like Doomscroll exists.

By then, Dustin Mitchell may have found a better name for his project.

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