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Download Wordle as HTML and play it for free until 2024 | Digital Trends Spanish

Until it happened: The popular internet game Wordle has been bought, and its owner is now The New York Times Company. The game created by the software engineer, Josh Wardle, was acquired for a “seven figure” price, said the medium.

The game first appeared on a simple, ad-free website in October, and by November 1, it had 90 users. That number grew to 300,000 in mid-January, and now has millions of netizens getting into the game.

Although some fans find this feat a bitter pill to swallow—because they believed Wardle’s promises that the game would never be sold, monetized, or have ads—it’s clearly a financial win for the engineer.

On the other hand, this acquisition is a strategy of New York Times to increase the media’s subscribers by adding more games to its catalog. However, for the peace of mind of fans, the game “will initially remain free for new and existing players.”

Play Wordle locally with the HTML file

Now, if you’re afraid that your purchase will change this precious game in the future, the good news is that Wordle is just an HTML file, so you can download it to continue playing it as it is (until you run out of words, at least). . Wordle words have been programmed manually and are defined until 2024. That is why all players must guess the same word every day.

One of Wordle’s best attributes is its simplicity, and its code has that feature too. It’s three simple files: an HTML and a couple of static JavaScript files, and as a whole, the game is less than 400kb in size, including the words before and after.

So if you download the full web as HTML, it’s like downloading the full game to play in your browser, no matter if you have an internet connection. And, in addition to being able to play daily, you can continue to see your statistics and have the option to share your results on social networks.

However, you should be aware that if you decide to play this way, your streak will be reset and you will start fresh on the downloaded local version.

How to download Wordle as HTML?

To download Wordle HTML, from Chrome, you must go to current game website and click on the chrome menu (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the browser). Then you need to select More tools and then save page as. Finally, click on Keep in the pop-up window, and voila.

Another way to do it, which works in most browsers, is by pressing the keys CTRL + S (on Windows) or CMD + S (on macOS).

On the other hand, if you are on a mobile device, be it Android or iOS, it is recommended to download the application Offline Browser. There, you need to enter the Wordle URL ( in the field to download the site and you’re done. This will be saved on your cell phone.

Then, to play Wordle, you need to open the Offline Browser app and access the stored web. You will have the game available there until the words run out.

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