Monday, May 16

Dozens of people die after the passage of a tornado in the US

Dozens of people have died in western Kentucky from a wave of tornadoes. According to the governor of that US state, Andy Besehar, speaking to WLKY, the death toll is between 70 and 100. It is one of the biggest weather disasters that have occurred in the country in recent history.

In the last hours, 24 tornadoes have been reported spread over the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, according to data from the NOAA Storm Prediction Center, which predicts that the storms will spread over the weekend. .

Precisely in Illinois, this Friday, several employees of the commercial giant Amazon were trapped inside a company warehouse when the building, which is located in Edwardsville, collapsed. At the moment the exact number of workers inside the warehouse and whether there were serious injuries or major damage is unknown.

In Ohio, in Mayfield, Besehar has lamented the collapse of a factory. The governor of the state of Kentucky has argued that the building has been “made a site” and has produced “an enormous number of victims”.