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Dozens of people give the ‘ongi etorri’ in Pamplona to ETA prisoner Iñaki Etxeberria

Dozens of people have gathered this Thursday in the Old Town of Pamplona to give the ‘ongi etorri’ to ETA prisoner Iñaki Etxeberria, alias ‘Mortadelo’, after his release from El Dueso prison after having spent 25 years in prison convicted of six murders. The tribute took place less than a month after the ETA prisoners attached to the official and majority group, the EPPK, announced the cessation of the ‘ongi etorris’ with the aim of “strengthening coexistence”.

ETA prisoners renounce public tributes to “strengthen coexistence”

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In a video distributed by the digital newspaper La Haine, it is seen how a group of people with flares, banners, flags and located on both sides of the street, receive Iñaki Etxeberria, who hugs a woman who hands him a bouquet of flowers . For some, the release of ‘Mortadelo’ from prison was the definitive proof that the announcement of the resignation of the ‘ongi etorris’ was real and that from now on, the reception of ETA prisoners would be carried out “privately and discreet “and” between relatives.

The Association of Victims of Terrorism has launched a message through your Twitter account to report the act. “From the AVT we already warned: we did not believe their words when they announced the end of the tributes to ETA. Time has proved us right. Not a month have they endured without humiliating the victims,” ​​reads the message.

“Even accepting that the imprisoned person who goes out into the street after long years and harsh conditions in prison has the right to receive the embrace of his relatives, [las víctimas] They have expressed that the public acts of reception cause them pain. We clearly say that our desire is to alleviate all suffering and open new options, heal wounds and strengthen coexistence among Basque citizens “, he pointed out the statement distributed by the group of prisoners to the newspapers’ Gara ‘,’ Naiz ‘and’ Berria‘with which they announced the end of the tributes.

At present, 182 ETA prisoners continue in prisons and it is expected that a score of them will leave the prison in 2022. After the news of the suspension of the ‘ongi etorris’, the Government of Navarra assured that it was “congratulating” on the “important step” taken by the group of prisoners. “It is an important step for the collective to reflect on that violent past,” said the Minister of Citizen Relations of the Government of Navarra, Ana Ollo.

In another video distributed by Sortu, a party that is a member of the EH Bildu coalition and a brand of the Abertzale left, also on Thursday night, the ETA prisoners who are still in jail were remembered for Christmas with a table with empty plates and your photographs. “Their absence cannot be filled, but they are working to bring them home as soon as possible,” Sortu pointed out in a message distributed along with video through their social networks.

The acts take place two days after Sortu announced the proposal of David Pla, one of the last heads of ETA and reader of the 2011 statement announcing the end of terrorism, as third deputy general secretary for the congressional process that the training, which will end in January. To announce the candidacy, the party described Pla as an “interlocutor of ETA for the resolution of the conflict” and one of the spokesmen who “announced the definitive end of the armed struggle.”

In recent weeks there have also been two controversial performances by Sortu. The first when he described the ETA prisoner Antton Troitiño as a victim of “prison policy”, sentenced to 2,700 years in prison for 22 murders and who died on Friday, December 17 after a cancer for which he was released last January. The second took place this Tuesday, when several members of the Abertzale formation applauded the former head of the band, Mikel Albisu, when he went to testify for the murder of the Donostiarra PP leader Gregorio Ordóñez in 1995.

For his part, the leader of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, asked about this and other acts in honor of the ETA prisoners, has chosen to disassociate himself from Sortu’s decisions and acts, by ensuring that he is not “the spokesperson for the nationalist left “. “Therefore, things that affect Sortu must be answered by Sortu,” he indicated in statements collected by Europa Press during a press conference in San Sebastián to assess the agreement on the labor reform.

“I can say where EH Bildu is and it is in Aiete’s statement, with absolute clarity, and it will not move a millimeter from that statement. This is the contribution that we have made in terms of democratic coexistence in the country,” he said. indicated, to later indicate that he was unaware that the tribute to ‘Mortadelo’ had been celebrated, but that his training “is in the position set” by the group of prisoners that there are no public receptions for inmates. “That is the position of EH Bildu”, has sentenced.

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