Monday, May 29

Dr. Martens leaves Argentina and auctions off its products

Dr. Martens had locations in Unicenter, Alto Palermo and Alcorta, and one in Palermo, on El Salvador street. In addition to its online channel. But they are already closed or in the final process, and that is why they are finishing liquidating their products.


The history of the Dr. Martens brand

The brand, in its beginnings, was created in the postwar period by the German doctor Klaus Martens, who while recovering from a broken foot created an air-cushioned sole (before the only sole that existed was leather) to heal more easily. Martens partnered with an industrialist and put the brand on the market. By the 1960s, the brand had become a fashion icon.

The departure of Dr. Martens expands the list of international firms that have decided to cease their local operations. In 2020, among others, international companies such as the Chilean Falabella, the American supermarket chain Walmart (it was sold to the De Narváez group) or makeup stores such as Urban Decay left the country.

Another sector affected was the airline industry. In addition to Latam, which ceased its cabotage operation, companies such as Air New Zealand, Emirates, Qatar and Norwegian also interrupted their local flights.