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Drag Her!: the fighting game of the drag queen community | Digital Trends Spanish

An independent studio works on DragHer!, a fighting video game starring drag queens.

The title seeks to obtain $69,000 dollars for its production, so carries out a collective funding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. At the closing of the edition of this note, drag-her has raised about $19,000 dollars; its funding campaign will be extended for another 23 days.

DragHer! is a fast, fabulous and frenetic 2D fighting game that features a cast of drag royalty, including Alaska 5000, Kim Chi and a growing selection of supporting characters.

The studio, called Fighting Chance Games, is made up of nine members with experience in production companies such as Blizzard, Warner Bros. Games and Schell.

Because the video game has cartoon graphics and 2D gameplay, the studio notes that the illustrators and animators have experience with Nickelodeon, Adult Swim and Skullgirls.

Being a fighting video game linked to the drag community, it has a narrative that takes up much of the style for which these LGBTQI+ culture characters are known.

In fact, several of the drags that will be available in the game are known for their participation in shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race Y The Bouleet Brothers.

DragHer! is planned to debut on PC and macOS, and it is estimated that the game could have a port for Nintendo Switch. Currently, it has a demo version for PC which you can download here.

If you are interested in supporting the game, you can donate from $1 dollar and receive news about its development up to $10,000 dollars, patronage that gives the possibility of designing a scenario for the game with the help of the development team.

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